Teenage Boys 6X More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From COVID Vax Than Be Hospitalized From Coronavirus

As the Biden administration mandates sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates, scores of teenage boys face severe health defects after receiving the experimental mRNA injections.

For some, the injections will be fatal.  

According to a study conducted by the University of California, teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer heart conditions after being injected with a COVID-19 injection than undergo hospitalization from infection of the coronavirus.

From January to June of this year, a team led by spine and regenerative medicine doctor Tracy Høeg investigated the rate of heart inflammation, and chest pain in children 12-17 following their second dose of the vaccination.

Høeg’s and her team found boys ranging from the age of 12 and 15 are the most at risk of suffering a “cardiac adverse event” from the experimental injection.

“Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million, which was the highest out of all the groups they looked at,” Telegraph reports. The second-highest rate was among boys aged 16-17 (94.0 per million) followed by girls aged 16-17 (13.4 per million) and girls aged 12-15 (13.0 per million).

While the likelihood of suffering myocarditis and heart inflammation dramatically increases among young males following COVID vaccination, teenage boys infected with coronavirus are very unlikely to need hospitalization from the virus itself.

“Evidence from studies show it is unlikely for boys to suffer either heart problems from the vaccine or be hospitalized by Covid,” the publication notes. “The risk of a healthy boy needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19 in the next 120 days is 26.7 per million. This means the risk they face from heart complications is 6.1 times higher than that of hospitalization.

Høeg’s vital research exposing the effects of the COVID injections are being ignored by the mainstream media and she has been censored on social media her posts about COVID and the vaccines.

In May, Høeg noted that she decided to quit using Facebook after the platform deleted her factual posts about COVID.

“Part of the reason I have (for the most part) left Facebook is they delete my post/responses that are factual, which I triple check,” Høeg wrote in a Facebook post. “I was responding to a question about what the number of pediatric deaths were due to COVID in April. I don’t feel like directly citing numbers from CDC and AAP should be deleted as spam, but maybe that is just me. I have moved to Twitter FYI.”

Hoeg has not yet to responded to the Gateway Pundit’s request for comment.

To date, 366.5 million COVID vaccine doses have been administered in the United States as of Aug. 27, including 208 million doses of Pfizer, 145 million doses of Moderna and 14 million doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

According to data released Thursday by the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, there are now 14,701 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.

There were 11,405 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States back on July 24th

And this was up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from earlier in the month in July.

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