Completely Despicable: Pravda NY Times Calls Notorious TERRORIST and 9/11 Mastermind Osama Bin Laden a “Devoted Family Man”

Remember when the Washington Post glorified an evil terrorist as an “austeer religious scholar?”

Well the New York Times just told them: ” Hold my beer”

In an unexplainable and abhorrent headline, the NY Times actually referred to Osama Bin Laden, one of the most notorious terrorists and the man responsible for 2,977 Americans dying on 9/11, as a “devoted family man.”

Yes, in case you were wondering, their slogan still reads “All the news that’s fit to print.”

The article, written by Louise Richardson, was a review of Peter Bergen’s book “The Rise and Fall of Usama bin Laden.” Richardson seems to admire the “man” behind countless terror attacks, and calls the book a “page-turner that weaves back and forth between the man and the terrorist.”

She writes: “Two of bin Laden’s attributes that shine through in Bergen’s account are his extraordinary self-belief and the ways in which he modeled his life on that of the Prophet Muhammad. Rather than try to explain where bin Laden’s self-confidence came from, Bergen simply describes it. It is all the more fascinating as a result”

She compares bin Laden to other “revolutionaries” and cites his inability to “articulate a positive vision” as to why the rest of the world could not get on board with the dictatorship that he was using terrorism to create.

Her disdain for America is also apparent, but hey she wouldn’t be a writer for the New York Times if it wasn’t.

“In all of his speeches and papers, bin Laden, like most revolutionaries, never articulated a positive vision of the new world he wished to create. The American counterrevolutionaries, for their part, invariably stretched the emergency powers they were accorded”

Robert J O’Neill, the former Navy Seal who killed bin Laden, ridiculed the outlet over their coverage of the former Al-Qaeda leader.

“Family man. He used his wife as a human shield,” O’Neill reacted, adding, “Lucky for me he was taller than her.”

After O’Neill and others spoke out, the Times retitled its book review, which now reads “A Fuller Picture of Osama bin Laden’s Life.”


The New York Times is an anti-American joke. Where were they located on 9-11?




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