OUTRAGEOUS! Fake News WaPo Calls ISIS Leader “Austere Religious Scholar” – NY Times Calls Mormon Community in Mexico “Religious Fundamentalists”

What’s wrong with these people?

In October the Washington Post eulogized the evil and barbaric Islamic State leader today calling him an “austere religious leader.”

Via Jack Posobiec


On Monday the Washington Post followed up their outrageous homage to al-Baghdadi  with a report on how al-Baghdadi died a courageous man by blowing himself up rather than be taken alive.

Al-Baghdadi blew himself up in a cave with three small children!
Apparently, the Washington Post considers that a courageous ending.

Then on Monday The New York Times described a peaceful Mormon community in northern Mexico “religious fundamentalist settlers.”

This was after 10 Americans were ambushed and murdered by Mexican cartels on their way back to the US.


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