State Troopers Bust Semi-Truck Packed with 105 Illegal Immigrants That Were Smuggled Into the US

On Monday, Texas State Troopers pulled over a semi-truck near Laredo on US route 59. They discovered a total of 105 illegals that had been smuggled into the United States and packed into the large trailer. The area is known for being a heavily trafficked area for human smuggling due to its close proximity to the southern border.

The bust comes just one week after 2 other incidents where border agents in Laredo apprehended over 100 more illegal crossers being smuggled through the same highway corridor.

You may be wondering why they didn’t just walk right in and take their free flight with a complimentary hotel room like the rest of the migrants who show up along Joe Biden’s borderless south. A Texas DPS official explained the reasoning behind turning down the first class treatment – the thousands who are being smuggled are the ones who are trying to come undetected, most likely because of criminal records or gang affiliation.

“They’re being smuggled for a reason. So they avoid apprehension because they fear being deported. Also, you may have some criminals that may be mixed in with those groups that are trying to get away as well.” – Lt. Chris Olivarez, Texas Department of Public Safety, to Fox News.

CBP recently released the number of border encounters for last month and, for the second straight month, they set a record for being the highest they have been in 21 years.

CRISIS: 180,000 Illegal Aliens Arrested at the Border in May – 674% Increase Over Last Year

These numbers only include known encounters. For every one smuggling operation that is stopped, there are 10 more that slip through unnoticed.

How many more people than what is being reported are making their way into this country without detection?


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