INVASION: Almost 190,000 Illegals Crossed the Border in June, Highest of any Month; Now Over 1 MILLION for the Year

On Friday, US border officials revealed that 188,829 illegal border crossings occurred in June 2021, the most in any month for the past 21 years. This is the 2nd consecutive month that Biden’s open-border policy has resulted in record numbers of illegals gaining entry into the US. 

CRISIS: 180,000 Illegal Aliens Arrested at the Border in May – 674% Increase Over Last Year


With the addition of June’s numbers, there have now been over 1 MILLION crossings this year. After just 6 months and while in the middle of a ‘pandemic,’ 1,119,204 undocumented people have crossed the southern border. 

In the past, border crossings would dip in the summer months due to extremely harsh traveling conditions in the southwest desert. Despite the harsh conditions, the number of encounters still increased by a whopping 450% over June 2020 when the number of crossings was 33,000.

“When you have open-border policies, people say, ‘I’m coming. I’m going to risk everything,” – Mark Morgan, Former Acting Commissioner of CBP.

The ridiculously high number of crossings that occurred last month completely disproves the claims by the media and the White House that the border surge earlier in the year was a seasonal trend that would slow down in the hotter summer months.

Most of June’s encounters were single adults, despite the media telling us that it’s mostly families who are crossing. Many of them are from countries other than Mexico, with many coming from South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. There have even been terrorists and violent extremists that have been identified on their way up to the states. 

In late June, Erika Mouynes, Panama’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, wrote a report that warned the Biden administration that they had “identified members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties” that were trying to blend in with the thousands of immigrants passing through to reach the United States.

“A vast number of migrants crossing the Darién started their journey in South America, arriving through ports of entry in countries where visa requirements are less strict,” 

“As a result, members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place. Panama’s biometric identification measures have recognized, and detained individuals linked to extremist groups attempting to pass through the country with migrants.” – Panamanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

This is not only a national security threat, it is a direct threat to our elections. The millions of people that will come across the border illegally this year will cause massive repercussions for years to come.



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