What’s Really Going on with the Product Shortages We Never Saw Under the Trump Administration?

Since the Biden/Obama Administration took over, there have been a number of shortages in products.  What’s really going on?   

Only a few weeks ago we were concerned about the rising cost of gas in the US.

U.S. Gas Prices Have Risen 40 Percent Since January 1st – Highest In Seven Years

Lumber is now difficult to obtain.

Homebuyers across the nation are up against one of the tightest housing markets in modern history. It’s so hot that even amid a pandemic, median home prices are up 16% over the past year. Building more homes would be the most straightforward way to help buyers. But construction is constrained by scarcity of a formerly plentiful and cheap commodity: lumber.

Coffee is now facing shortages.

A drought in Brazil coupled with an increase in demand for coffee as the world reopens after the coronavirus pandemic has led to higher coffee prices, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Cyber attacks are also on the rise and according to Biden/Obama, they’re here to stay.

Biden’s Commerce Secretary: Cyberattacks on American Businesses Are Here to Stay and, if Anything, Will Intensify (VIDEO)

Some people think there is more to the shortages than meets the eye.  Are these shortages created to offset the perception that commodities are increasing in price due to inflation?

What a mess the Biden/Obama Administration is in.  And to think the Senate just passed another bill for a trillion more dollars in debt.  Unbelievable.

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