“This Is Not What I Gave Three Limbs For, This Is Not the Country I Swore to Defend” – Feds Attack Veteran Brian Kolfage Again – Charging Him for Making Error In His Amended Tax Return

Once the Department of Justice goes after a target who’s pro-God, pro-family, and pro-American they never stop.  The attack again and again.  If the person is an American war hero, they attack them as if they’re working for communist China.

Never in our county’s storied history have we seen so much corruption in our government.  No case exemplifies this like the Fed’s attack on war hero Brian Kolfage.

The 2020 Arrest

The media reported during the unimpressive DNC production in 2020 and only a few days before the RNC, that New York agents had arrested Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, and two others for charges related to them building a segment of the wall on the Southern border.  The news media was primed with fantastical stories of crimes in the court of public opinion.

What Big Media didn’t report on was Kolfage’s past.  Senior Airman Brian Kolfage while on his second deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom on September 11, 2004, was severely injured by a bomb in Iraq.  Somehow Brian survived but he lost both his legs and an arm, one of the most severely injured soldiers in US history to make it.

This hero went on to get married and start a family and then he joined forces with Steve Bannon and others to “Build a Wall” on the Southern border.  And they did, they built a wall with donations from people across the USA.

Then came the abuse from the corrupt Justice Department

As we reported last year, fifteen (15) members from the New York United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) showed up on Brian Kolfage’s doorstep to arrest him on August 20, 2020. It took 15 USPIS officers to arrest a triple amputee war hero in a wheelchair at home with his wife and two children!

On August 20th at least five cars, all with New York state plates showed up outside war hero Brian Kolfage’s house. Out came 15 USPIS agents, armed and ready.

Multiple vehicles appeared and some raced down Kolfage’s drive and agents got out. Then a half dozen or so agents exited their cars from the street and marched down his driveway towards his house.

When the agents went into the house, they searched all over, including in the children’s rooms.  They asked Kolfage about his guns, how many, and their characteristics.  They allowed Kolfage to only take his medications with him and then took Kolfage outside while his two children huddled in their room with fear.  What happened next likely violated numerous articles of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Once outside the 15 agents dragged triple-amputee war hero Brian Kolfage with one good arm and no legs into their arrest vehicle!  Not one of the 15 USPIS agents even considered providing a vehicle that was wheelchair accessible for their arrest of triple-amputee war hero Kolfage.  (See more below)

OUTRAGEOUS: 15 New York Agents DRAGGED Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage From His Wheelchair Into Backseat of Their Arrest Vehicle in Florida

One thing the agents made sure to obtain was Kolfage’s list of individuals who had donated to the Build the Wall project.  We questioned whether this list is now being used by the same outfit, the USPIS, to spy on Americans:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: We Discovered Where the Post Office Likely Got Their List of Conservatives to Spy On

So the Fed’s got what they really wanted and then charged Kolfage with fraud they still to this day cannot provide adequate evidence for because they have delayed providing this to the courts multiple times.

Also, after President Trump pardoned Steve Bannon, the Fed’s case in New York was believed to be falling apart. So what do they do? 

More Charges from the Fed

The Justice Department in May announced it was charging Brian Kolfage with tax evasion:

Brian Kolfage, whose work with Stephen Bannon to raise money for a U.S.-Mexico border wall resulted in a federal fraud indictment last year, faces new tax fraud charges.

Kolfage, a disabled Air Force veteran, was indicted in Pensacola, Florida, this week for filing a false tax return and fraud. Federal prosecutors said that Kolfage received hundreds of thousands of dollars from different organizations, including We Build the Wall Inc., which he deposited in his personal bank account.

“We will investigate and prosecute those who falsely misrepresent their income — whether by traditional evasion or failing to disclose charitable contributions diverted to their personal gain,” Jason Coody, acting U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida, said Thursday in a statement.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Kolfage, 39, is scheduled to appear in federal court in Pensacola on May 27. His attorney, Harvey A. Steinberg, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

But the Feds appear to be reaching again.  According to Kolfage in a statement:

This is just more political targeting by the DOJ and the IRS. They know the ‘We Build the Wall’ case is not coming through like they thought it was, the charges were all phony and with malicious intent to interfere with the election. This is their modus operandi, they actually brought tax evasion charges over me filing an amended return in the same year. My tax returns were all correct and filed in the same tax year that they were due.

They are bringing federal charges because I didn’t file an extension; that’s the real story. This should be a civil fine at most for being late to complete the full filing. But because the DOJ and IRS have been weaponized and operate on a two tiered justice system, the real criminal Hunter Biden will never be indicted.

Today the Feds attacked him again.  These are not fair indictments from an honest DOJ, they are attacks.  Kolfage shared with us:

The corrupt Biden administration is continuing their games by weaponizing the IRS  and DOJ to target conservatives. After bringing bogus tax evasion charges on me this May, the inept IRS finally processed my amended return that was mailed long before the indictment, which I mailed in December 2019 and was in the same tax year; only months after filing the original return. Because the IRS said it contained errors the corrupt DOJ filed more bogus charges of fraud for these errors.

This 100% proves that I’am being targeted and it has to be for my political beliefs and building the wall.  How am I evading taxes by doing everything right, everyone has errors?  This is not what I gave three limbs for, this is not the country I once vowed to defend. We are living under tyranny and we see that with the Jan 6th imprisonments today. 

The corrupt IRS did this under Obama and now they are doing it again. We cannot allow this to continue! The elite like Hunter Biden are the real criminals and we haven’t seen a single charge from the Biden DOJ.

Kolfage is right.  Filing an amended return is perfectly legitimate.  Being targeted for filing an amended return is not legitimate.  The real crooks are the ones pushing bogus political indictments. 

You can help support Brian with his legal fees at his website fight4kolfage.com

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