Hospital Employee Faces Termination For Refusing To Submit ‘COVID Vaccine-Tracking’ Survey’

As government officials exploit the COVID pandemic, coercing and mandating submission to experimental vaccines that have yet to be approved by the FDA, millions of Americans are drawing the line against the unconstitutional intrusion on their health.

“Freedom in America is gone” if we do not rise up and demand autonomy over our bodies, our right to work and our God-given right to breathe, warns a hospital employee in Santa Clara, California, who suspects he will lose his job if he continues to refuse to comply with the government’s onerous COVID vaccine-tracking scheme.

“This is the hill to die on. They are going down the path of mandating vaccines. The government is forcing everybody to comply and going about it in a slimy, underhanded way. They are not telling the people to their faces, they are twisting the arm of their employers the Santa Clara Valley Med Center employee told the Gateway Pundit. “If I end up losing my job over this vaccine-tracing survey, then that’s a sign that I need to leave the state.”

Employees in Santa Clara County are required to complete a survey detailing whether they have been vaccinated. Employees who have not been vaccinated are mandated to complete the survey every week until they roll up their sleeves and get the injection.

The hospital worker, an employee of Santa Clara Medical Center who asked that his name be withheld for security reasons, has repeatedly been reprimanded for refusing to submit the survey. Failure to comply will result in the termination of his employment.

“My supervisor insists every day that I fill out the survey. She warns me in emails that I have to comply and that failure to complete the survey will result in disciplinary actions,” he said. “I told her I’m not doing it.”

In May, Santa Clara County was recategorized as “yellow tier,” the least restrictive category of the state’s pandemic resumption system. The tier change allows the county to expand indoor capacity for business, theme parks and large event venues. However, employers were given an ultimatum.

To reopen, employers must comply with the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards, which force employers to track employees’ vaccination status by forcing those returning to the office to complete vaccination tracking forms weekly until they are vaccinated. Employers who fail to comply with the mandate are subject to pay fines of up to $5,000 per violation per day.

Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Health Officer and Director

Dr. Sarah Cody, Santa Clara County’s Public Health Officer announced the mandate on May 18, assuring egregious tracking policy guarantees “everyone is safe while employers determine worker vaccination status and while we immunize more residents.”

Penalty for not submitting the vaccine-tracking survey will begin with written counseling and escalate from there, the worker was told by his supervisor.

“They warn if you lie on the survey and they find out, you are falsifying medical documents. It’s nonsense, but I considered lying,” he said. “I am just trying to get past this. I just want to live a regular life.”

The vaccine tracing order along with the Biden administration’s push to get at least 70 percent of Americans inoculated by July 4 is only resulting in a plummeting demand for vaccines nationwide. The average number of shots doled out per day has reportedly plunged below 1 million daily, compared to a peak of 3.4 million daily doses in mid-April.

At least 178 health care workers employed by a Houston-based hospital system were suspended from their jobs after failing to meet the hospital system’s mandate to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by June 7.

More people are beginning to understand “when the government starts trying to incentivize things, it’s a trap,” the worker argued. “I am not a paranoid person, but this whole COVID thing seems to me just completely unreal. I don’t know how we got to this point in this great country. How did we get here?”

The hospital employee, along with dozens of his colleagues who refuse to adhere to the government’s tracking system, is not only afraid of losing his job but fears the government will use the survey to discriminate against the non-vaccinated population.

“Nobody voted on this survey. My own family members telling me, ‘It’s just a survey.’ If it’s just a survey, I shouldn’t have to worry about disciplinary action,” the worker said. “I work at a hospital. They have some of my records. What are they doing with the survey at the endpoint anyway? Where are you storing this information? What is the information for?

“It’s clear their intention is to ‘other’ those who are not vaccinated or decline to respond to the survey. I am vehemently against this. I wouldn’t take the COVID vaccine for a billion dollars. Why is this vaccine necessary?”

While Sarah Cody regularly holds press conferences on the vaccine statistics, she has yet to mention the alarming side effects of the vaccine.

“It has serious side effects. There are reports the vaccines harm ovaries and bone marrow. Be honest with us. Let us make the decision,” the worker said. “You’re still going to get a ton of people to take the vaccine even though it causes adverse reactions. Instead, they want to keep hiding it from us.”

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The hospital worker feels powerless against the invasion of his privacy and health. He has contacted his union, congressman Devin Nunes, who represents his district and his city council members to push back but “nobody even responds.”

“I have called and emailed everyone looking for help. It’s really so frustrating because you feel really alone. I am just trying to protect my family,” he said. “And the deceptive media, full of liars, is reinforcing the lies and create division. I open up the Gateway Pundit every morning because you guys are really covering what’s going on.”

Only the people can stop the government’s coercion of the experimental vaccine and we have to stop it now on a local level before it’s too late, he continued.

“Sarah Cody is a low-level, petty tyrant. She is somebody we can remove. The local community must create a united force against our authoritarian public health officer. If we are so easy to comply with masks, now these surveys, what is going to happen when it comes to our kids? What’s going to happen when it comes to them going to school? We must stop it,” he said. “I want us all to get involved before it gets too far.

“Get Sarah Cody and other petty tyrants removed. At least make them feel that their removal is imminent enough so that they back off.”

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