Warning: COVID Vaccine ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ Damages Placenta, ‘We Are Being Experimented On’

Powerful interests are invested in depleting our immune systems and defecting human fertility with coercion and mandates of experimental vaccines that are still only in investigative states.

Even those who refuse vaccination are imperiled, warns the medical director of a team of physicians under fire for exposing propaganda surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Recipients of the vaccines, which have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, are shedding the vaccine’s transmissible and dangerous spike protein.

“Concern started when we saw that individuals who were not vaccinated, who were around vaccinated individuals, started having abnormal bleeding. Their periods would be disrupted, or they had a passage of large clots or heavy bleeding or pre-term deliveries, miscarriages even,”  Dr. Shelley Cole, a board-certified OBGYN and Medical Director for America’s Front Line Doctors explained in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

Thousands of women have reported disrupted menstrual cycles, hemorrhaging, miscarriages and stillbirth after receiving injections of the vaccines.

The alarming side effects are attributed to receptors in the contagious spike proteins that attach to the placenta and uterus and “cross the blood, brain barrier within 15 minutes of the vaccine injection,” Cole explains.

“There are similarities to one of the receptors in the spike protein to a protein that is in placentas [which] allows the placenta to stick to the wall of the uterus,” said Cole, who has practiced medicine for over 30 years and treated more than 800 Covid patients in the past year. “These are highly specialized proteins that humans make. The spike protein – the ‘syncytio protein,’ is very similar to the syncytiotrophoblastic cells in the placenta. So, yes, we are very concerned.

“I had one woman come up to me and she said that she had actually just touched the arm of someone –of course we don’t know 100 percent sure if she got the spike proteins from this individual – but she kind of rubbed the arm and patted the individual and subsequently she began bleeding. She had not had periods for 25 years, but now she’s bleeding. It’s ironic that the vaccinated tend to be more fearful of the unvaccinated, but in truth, it really is unvaccinated that are at greater risk from being exposed from the vaccinated.”

The biggest lie being promoted about the vaccine is the claim it prevents transmission of the coronavirus, the medical director of America’s Frontline Doctors noted. The COVID vaccines, Cole contends, shouldn’t even be referred to as “vaccines.”

You can “absolutely” transmit the coronavirus after getting vaccinated, “the vaccine has never been studied to prevent transmission of the virus,” she said. “It isn’t a vaccine. It’s been studied to minimize the symptoms. And so, when you’re minimizing the symptoms then you need to compare it to other medicines that minimize symptoms – like Tylenol, like Advil, like Hydroxychloroquine, like Ivermectin. Those are the medicine category that you would compare it to.”

As the medical community, mainstream media, Big Tech and politicians effectively indoctrinate the public into believing vaccines are keeping us “safe,” in reality, “We are being experimented on,” Cole cautions.

“They skipped the animal studies – they skipped them. So, we are the animals. We are being experimented on right now,” Cole exclaimed. “Why would we do that to a child? Why would we do that to the elderly?

“Why would we do that to a pregnant woman and jeopardize her future fertility. If we start making antibodies to this spike protein, we could be fighting off the synyctio-proteins that our bodies naturally make for the placentas.”

In addition to the detrimental effects of spike proteins, the vaccine alters mRNA machinery, which carries instructions from DNA to produce various proteins the body uses, and likely impedes the body’s natural ability to produce antigens and induce immune responses.

It’s not just the “80 billion spike proteins in the shot itself” that’s dangerous, Cole insists, but “the machinery to make more oh them” contained in the vaccines.

“This is the first time that we’ve had a vaccine that actually is producing the antigen within our own bodies,” she said. “We are going to start using our own cellular machinery to make more spike proteins so that our body will create an antibody to the spike protein.

“My greatest concern, when I first started researching the mechanism of action was, ‘How is the human body now going to decipher between self and non-self?’ If we made the viral protein, it’s no longer a viral protein. Does the body consider it a human protein at that point? We don’t know. Why would we subject our population to this when it’s all experimental?”

In a desperate attempt to bribe 70 percent of US adults into getting mRNA injections by July 4, Joe Biden announced a “National Month of Action” on Wednesday, outlining a plan to give away everything from beer to Uber rides to childcare to baseball tickets. Tech giants are cracking down on “vaccine-hesitant” users, censoring posts about the coronavirus vaccine that undermine official information being provided by “authorities.”

Expectedly, in yet another instance of egregious censorship of COVID vaccine information, a video of The Gateway Pundit’s interview with Dr. Cole was removed from YouTube less than ten minutes after it was published for violating the platform’s “COVID 19 community guidelines.”

Meanwhile, doctors are setting a precedent during the pandemic that will forever change medicine by withholding the truth about the side effects and fatalities of the vaccines from the public in adherence to government guidelines, Cole noted.

“You have to understand, hospitals and universities are funded by the National Institute of Health. These entities, regulatory agencies – the CDC and the FDA, are [government] funded. This is all funneled down from the government. They are being told that CDC guidelines say that ‘the vaccine is safe for pregnant women…we think,'” she said. “We’ll never go back to what it was before because the public demands that doctors have integrity, that they be transparent and we are in the midst of changing medicine as we speak.”

Repeated claims by physicians that “there is no safe and effective medication available on an outpatient basis” for COVID “defy all medical logic.”

“The politicians stepped off into science – they’re not scientists. They don’t know the scientific method is very rigorous, at least it was in the past. But now, that’s being shattered,” Cole said. “The vaccine is that it’s concentrated in the ovary. I don’t know what their purpose is behind this, but you can just see what the effects are. We know that there are more serious adverse effects, there are more hospitalizations, there are more deaths associated with this vaccine than more than all the vaccines combined in the past fifteen years and we are soon approaching 20 years of data.”

But the censorship is working, as a lemming-like attachment to coronavirus “safety” disinformation disseminates at breakneck speed.

Approximately, 53 percent of the US population, 175,053,401 people, have received at least one vaccination dose at the time of this publication, while 45 percent of the population, 146,456,124 people, have been fully vaccinated, according to USAFacts. Concurrently, a whopping 71 percent of Democrats would prefer for people to continue quarantining and try to stay home even if they are healthy, according to a recently released Gallup poll.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID19, Dr. Cole recommends the following supplements and protocol:

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