BREAKING: ‘External Devices’ With Up-to-Date Vote Totals Were Taken Offsite Nightly During the Election by Maricopa County or Dominion Employees

More corrupt and suspicious acts performed by the  Maricopa County election team and/or vendor have come to light.  Dr. Kelli Ward tweeted out on Wednesday that devices that held data during the election in Maricopa County were snuck offsite nightly.

Per Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward, Maricopa County Director of Election Day And Emergency Voting, Scott Jarrett said that the orange devices in the picture above were external drives.  These drives were loaded nightly with early vote totals and taken offsite to an undisclosed location for safety by an employee or a Dominion contractor working for Maricopa County.

Scott Jarrett claims on his LinkedIn profile to have been an auditor before stepping into his current role in Maricopa County.  He also claims to have a CIA designation which stands for Certified Internal Auditor.

Having the CIA, Jarrett would surely see concerns with the security of  moving any devices (like the ones identified in the picture above) to an onsite location.  It is concerning that these devices were even included in an election.

Who handled these ‘external drives’, what was on them and where did they go?  These questions should never even have to be asked in a well-designed and operating environment.  Dr. Ward and Arizona have a right to be concerned about this design failure.

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