WATCH: Project Veritas Confronts CNN’s Brian Stelter About Their Explosive #ExposeCNN Tapes

A Project Veritas reporter confronted CNN’s Brian Stelter about their explosive videos of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester admitting that they use COVID scaremongering to drive ratings and that they do not push stories unless white people can be implicated — to help Black Lives Matter.

In the shocking videos Chester explains how the network uses “manipulation” to shape public opinion.

While confronting Stelter, the Project Veritas journalist asks about the network embracing Chester’s philosophy of the news.

Stelter refuses to answer the question, while ironically wearing a sweatshirt that says “JOURNALISM MATTERS. Now, more than ever.” He also claims to “feel bad” for the journalist, who most definitely has more freedom to report than the CNN talking head does.

“I feel really bad for you,” Stelter repeatedly says, but won’t tell the journalist why he feels bad.


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The Project Veritas reporter also asks about Chester saying “fear sells” and if the director has been fired or not. Neither of which Stelter will answer.

“Do you report any news that Jeff Zucker doesn’t directy tell you to report?” the journalist asks.

During the videos of Chester, he explains that the people on air manipulate their guests.

“Any reporter on CNN — what they’re actually doing is they’re telling the person what to say… It’s always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths. The only people that we [CNN] will let on the air, for the most part, are people that have a proven track record of taking the bait,” Chester explained.

“I think there’s an art to manipulation…Inflection, saying things twice — there’s little subtleties to how to manipulate people…I mean, it’s enough to change the world, you know?”

Chester also grimly described how they often want COVID death tolls to be higher to “make our point better.”

In another video, Chester admits that they have only been pushing stories that implicate white people, during a conversation with a Tinder date that ended up being a Project Veritas reporter.

Chester admitted that while researching Asian hate, they found that it is mostly black men attacking them — so they did not dig in deeper.

“I was trying to do some research on the Asian hate, like the people [who] are getting attacked and whatnot. A bunch of black men have been attacking Asians. I’m like ‘What are you doing? Like, we [CNN] are trying to help BLM.’”

Chester continued on to say, “The optics of that are not good. These [are] little things that are enough to set back movements, because the far left will start to latch on and create stories like ‘criminalizing an entire people,’ you know, just easier headlines that way, I guess.”

He told the Project Veritas journalist that they do not push stories unless they implicate white people.

“I haven’t seen anything about focusing on the color of people’s skin that aren’t white. They [CNN] just aren’t saying anything. You know what I mean?”

“You can shape an entire people’s perception about anything [depending] on how you do it,” Chester said.

On Wednesday night, the evening before this video was released, the CNN crew was attacked and chased out of Brooklyn Center by Black Lives Matter rioters.

Project Veritas previously released a video of Chester admitting that CNN is using fearmongering about COVID to drive ratings.


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