‘RUSSIAN HOOKERS’ – Tweets From Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson Raise Questions About Apartment Shared with Prostitutes, Pal Running For Virginia Governor

Rick Wilson, Pete Snyder

SURPRISE! Never Trumper and Russia Hoaxer Rick Wilson Lived With Virginia Governor Candidate Pete Snyder Down the Hall from “Russian Hookers”

Lincoln Project co-founder, Never Trumper, and pedophile protector Rick Wilson spent years hyping the Russia Hoax nonsense against President Trump, including the now-debunked smear that he spent the night with Russian prostitutes in Moscow.

As it turns out, Wilson is the one familiar with Russian hookers – he’s admitted so himself.

In recently unearthed tweets Wilson directed at his longtime pal Pete Snyder – the former RNC chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Virginia who is currently running for governor of that state – Wilson mentions an apartment he shared with Snyder and “Russian hookers.”

Like his friend and former roommate Rick Wilson, Snyder has viciously criticized Donald Trump, once calling him a “racist jerk.” Snyder has also praised Joe Biden, said he disagrees with Trump, and said he thinks Romney would have made a great president.

The chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign in Virginia, Corey Stewart, recently called on Snyder to “explain his relationship with Rick Wilson, the founder of the Lincoln Project—and the prostitutes Wilson said they lived with.”

Interestingly, Politico reported that Snyder’s home study was decorated “with artwork from Moscow and St. Petersburg” and he “studied Russian for four years at William and Mary.”

Wilson has twice tweeted about Snyder and the Russian hookers, once in 2011 and once in 2013.

Curiously, Snyder appears to have deleted his tweet that Wilson replied to:

Never Trump Rick Wilson and Pete Snyder have been best friends for years, it has been revealed, and the two often traded tweets about their old apartment:

Here’s Snyder and Wilson together in New York in 1997:

Snyder and Wilson are so close that they have been known to share sexually loaded jokes on Twitter:

Even in 2019, after Wilson had spent years saying the most vile things about President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, Snyder was still exchanging chummy tweets with Wilson.

So what exactly happened with those Russian hookers that Rick Wilson and Pete Snyder lived with?

Neither of them are saying.


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