No Covid Deaths in Six Days in Sarasota, Florida

God has a sense of humor. He must have read my piece from yesterday (i.e.,  Mainstream Media Losing Their Minds Over Florida) and contacted the publisher of the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Today’s SHT headlines underscores the New York Time’s status as a disgrace–i.e., not worthy to be used to cover the bottom of a bird cage inhabited by a feathered friend suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. Their latest attempt to savage Governor Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida for a supposedly inept response to Covid is laughable in light of this headline from today’s Sarasota Herald Tribune: No COVID-19 deaths reported in Sarasota County since March 10. How do you like them apples? No deaths from Covid in 6 days!

I want to remind you how important a benchmark Sarasota is within the Covid realm. It is a major tourist destination and, since November, has seen the annual flood of “snowbirds” from the northern states and Canada. That fact alone should have created a “Superspreader” event, but it did not. The number of infections have dropped along with the number of fatalities attributed to Covid.

“No deaths” sure does not fit the meme of a rampaging pandemic that is wiping out the American people, or the world for that matter. And this fact highlights the absurdity of the massive lock-downs that eviscerated large segments of the United States economy, denied people treatment for other diseases, such as cancer, and a surge in suicides and drug overdose.

The radical left, the Democrats and much of the media are sounding more like the boy who cried wolf. The keep issuing dire warnings and insist that everyone must wear a mask without regard to common sense. Fortunately, Gateway Pundit is keeping tabs on this madness. Here is the latest outrages:

Judge Removes 6-year Old From Mother Because She Did Not Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School


California Shut Off Power to Restaurant for Refusing to Comply With Shut Down, So They Are Using Generators to Stay Open Anyway

Family Kicked Off Flight Because Four-Year-Old Autistic Son Wouldn’t Wear Mask, Despite Note From Doctor

Many Americans have wised up to the massive hypocrisy and wrongheaded predictions emanating from the so-called experts and political leaders. We are particularly fed up with Dr. Tony Fauci.  Fauci is on the record telling people that don’t need to wear a mask and that they need to wear two masks. He insisted that “six feet” apart is a scientifically dictated standard for social distancing only to concede this week that “three feet” is fine. And that same sanctimonious, pompous ass sat in National’s Stadium without a mask.

We no longer trust so-called experts who are guilty of masquerading politics as some sort of sacred scientific principle. I am content to stick to actual numbers. March 10 – March 15–NO COVID DEATHS IN SARASOTA. How do you like that science Dr. Fauci?

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