California Shut Off Power to Restaurant for Refusing to Comply With Shut Down, So They Are Using Generators to Stay Open Anyway

The Southern California city of Burbank shut off power to the popular restaurant Tinhorn Flats’ for refusing to comply with COVID shut down orders — so they got generators and continue refusing to back down.

The Los Angeles Superior Court authorized the city to shut off power to the restaurant over the weekend. The city had also asked for permission to padlock the doors shut, but the judge deemed that move to be a step too far and denied it.

The restaurant owners have stayed open for outdoor dining throughout the various draconian orders set by the city, prompting the loss of their public-health permit.

The county filed a complaint against the restaurant, accusing it of “violating emergency health orders and county codes and of acting as a public nuisance.” On March 8, the court issued a temporary restraining order that required them to close.

Business Insider reports that Tinhorn Flats operated “in flagrant violation” of the county’s orders, Burbank officials said in a report in late February.

“This is without question injurious to health and poses a serious risk to patrons, the neighborhood and community at-large, therefore constituting a public nuisance,” the officials added.

The report continues on to say “the restaurant remained open, and the court on Friday authorized the city of Burbank to disconnect the electricity to Tinhorn Flats’ property. Officials cut off the supply on Saturday, but the restaurant said on social media that it would use its own generators to stay open. It called the city’s actions ‘government over-reach.'”

The restaurant has now launched a GoFundMe to help cover their legal fees. As of Tuesday afternoon, they have raised nearly $20,000.


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