German Government Acts More Like Gestapo As Conservative Party AfD Is Attacked and Now Spied On

Guest post by Richard Abelson

As Gateway Pundit has predicted since November 2018, German secret police are now apparently putting the right-wing AfD Party under surveillance. The announcement was made not by the secret police, but by German mainstream media, and was picked up worldwide with no official confirmation.

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (“Verfassungsschutz“) is not allowed to reveal who they are or are not surveilling. Especially not in the case of the AFD, who are suing in court against the threat of observation, which it calls politically motivated.

Instead, the claim the AfD is under secret police observation was made by German pubweb TV station ARD based on anonymous sources.  The ARD report even noted the fact the secret police “is not allowed to discuss this publicly.” The story was based on “security sources”, ARD reported, while noting the Verfassungsschutz refused to comment. When the ARD reporters realized how incriminating this tip of the hand was, they removed the story – not before  screenshots of the story were captured, however.

“The secret police had promised the court not to say anything while the AfD is suing them. Now, mysteriously, an anonymous source tells the mainstream media that the secret police have decided to put the AfD under surveillance, two weeks before crucial state elections. These are obvious dirty tricks, possibly even criminal. Secret police chief Thomas Haldenwang has to resign”, said AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier.

“The secret police surveillance is largely symbolic, since most of what the AfD does takes place publicly”, Jan Sternberg wrote on RND News Service. “It is represented in all major parliaments and has trouble keeping its mouth shut.  The surveillance is mainly a dog-whistle that this a party that is out of bounds. A symbolic act like this can be on point, and yet have fatal consequences, as in this case. Last year, Verfassungsschutz president Thomas Haldenwang warned against making an announcement like this in proximity to elections, to avoid looking politically motivated. That’s exactly what has happened now.”

Most of the political violence in Germany is directed against the AfD (47%), almost as much as all other parties together. The German Federal Police recorded 694 violent attacks on the AfD 2020 out of a total of 1,534 incidents of political violence, usually committed by left-wing attackers. AfD candidate Stephan Schwarz was attacked on the street by 15-20 masked Antifa thugs on Sat. 22 and hospitalized. The Merkel government wants to fund leftist and Antifa-related projects with 250 million Euros a year 2021-2014, while calling the AfD “dangerous”.

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