Bannon: Impeaching Biden Should Be GOP’s First Order Of Business After Retaking House

On an episode of The War Room, Steve Bannon said that the GOP’s first order of business should be impeaching Joe Biden once they take back the House in 2022.

They could begin impeachment in 2023.

There is a multitude of reasons why Biden should be impeached.

Here are just a few of them:

His creation of a border crisis.

Biden Border Crisis: South Texas Migrant Facility at 729% of its Legal Capacity, Children Are Going Hungry and Only Showering Once a Week

Foreigners Flooding the Border Claim They’re Coming Because ‘Biden Will Be a Good President for Migrants’

Migrants Wearing Like-New Biden T-Shirts Demand ‘Biden Please Let Us In!’ – Who Made The Shirts, Joe?

The clear fact he isn’t physically or mentally able to handle the position of President of the United States:

EXCLUSIVE: Artificial Intelligence Psychiatric Diagnostic Filter Confirms Joe Biden Exhibits Multiple Dementia/Early Alzheimer Patterns

Kamala Harris Takes Another Call with Foreign Leader on Behalf of Feeble Joe Biden

BREAKING: Feeble Joe Biden Falls Several Times Boarding Air Force One – Ends Up on His Knees (VIDEO)

The GOP must stand up to Joe Biden!

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