WATCH: ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett Confronts CNN’s Jim Acosta at CPAC… AGAIN

“Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett confronted CNN activist “reporter” Jim Acosta at CPAC for a second time on Sunday — leading to a hilarious exchange.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, Acosta repeatedly whined that he did not “denounce white supremacy” every time a reporter shouted the demand at him.

“I caught up with CNN’s Acosta again and this time he refused to condemn WHITE SUPREMACY, just like he accused Trump of doing,” Bennett tweeted with a video of the engagement.

So, in the halls of CPAC, Bennett decided to do the same thing to him.

“Jim, will you denounce white supremacy?” Bennett asked.

Acosta refused to respond and attempted to flee.

“Uh oh,” Bennett said, laughing.

On Saturday, Bennett had confronted the CNN personality asking him to denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence. He also refused to do that.

A chant of “CNN sucks” broke out during the exchange — as Acosta claimed he wouldn’t talk to her because she wasn’t wearing a mask.


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