WATCH: CNN’s Jim Acosta Refuses to Denounce Antifa When Confronted By Kaitlin Bennett at CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta was confronted by “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett at CPAC and asked to denounce Antifa violence — he refused.

While filming an interview with CPAC founder Matt Schlapp, the CNN activist reporter repeatedly blamed Trump for the protest at the Capitol on January 6.

As Schlapp attempted to get away from the interview, Bennett hopped in to ask if CNN if responsible for the Black Lives Matter rioters that tore multiple cities apart last year.

“Do you feel responsible at all for any of the BLM riots last year?” Bennett asked. “The disinformation that CNN ran — do you feel responsible? Do you feel responsible at all for the lies you told about the BLM riots?”

Acosta attempted to escape from the confrontation, but Bennett wasn’t having it.

A chant of “CNN sucks” broke out during the exchange — as Acosta claimed he wouldn’t talk to her because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Bennett asked the reporter if he would simply “disavow and denounce Antifa?”

“We already talked to you,” Acosta said without answering the question.

One of his coworkers attempted to stop the questioning, but Bennett fired back joking “you’re just so handsome I can’t get away from you, Jim,” before asking again.

“Will you denounce Antifa by name,” she asked again. “Their violence, denounce their violence. BLM and Antifa.”

Bennett pointed out that Acosta loves to talk about Trump supporters and their “violence,” but does not like to talk about the violence from the left.

Acosta once again attempted to change the subject by asking where they put the golden Trump statue that an artist brought to the conference — and Bennett promptly asked why he is so obsessed with the former president.

“You don’t ever stop thinking about him do you?” she asked.


Acosta was also confronted by a Federalist reporter who demanded to know why the network isn’t covering the fact that Andrew Cuomo was recently accused of sexual harassment by a former staffer and hid data about deaths of nursing home residents after ordering them to accept Covid-19-positive patients.

“When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?” the reporter asks.

“We do,” Acosta claimed, before claiming that CNN does cover the governor.

“No you don’t. He killed 10,000 people and is accused of sexual assault and you guys want to talk about Ted Cruz,” the Federalist reporter fired back.

Acosta attempted to weasel out of the confrontation by lying about the fact that the network is covering the scandals, saying “we agree to disagree,” but the real reporter wasn’t letting him off the hook.


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