After Being an Integral Part of the First Roger Stone Witch Hunt, CNN Happily Joins In On the Latest Roger Stone Attack

Guest post by Jacob Engels

It is not coincidental that the very same corporately owned “fake news” media outlets who insisted for two years that longtime Trump advisor and legendary Republican political operative, Roger Stone was in-league with the Russian State to aid the Trump campaign and collaborated with WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and the same people who frantically pushed the Russian collusion hoax have now embarked on an entirely new-and baseless attempt to implicate Stone in the illegal acts committed at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Donald Trump’s long-time, colorful associate was a high-value target for the witch hunt engineered by Deep State hitman Robert Mueller. For two solid years, Stone was subjected to a relentless torrent of baseless allegations that he was “the access point” between  WikiLeaks for Trump’s presidential campaign. In fact, no such charge was ever brought against Stone, a New York Times Bestselling author, veteran GOP operative, and style icon.

The corporate-owned news media, with CNN leading the charge, insisted that Stone would be indicted by the Special Counsel with treason, espionage, conspiracy against the United States, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering of millions of dollars of Russian rubles to US greenbacks and cybercrimes including access to protected computers and receipt and dissemination of stolen data. Indeed requests for search warrants by Mueller’s dirty cops specifically claimed that prosecutors had “ probable cause” of these crimes. These search warrants were approved by multiple judges and magistrates and were the fodder for extensive speculation by CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, & MSNBC, and the rest of the left-wing fake news media that reported over and over again that Stone’s arrest and indictment on these charges were imminent.

In fact, Mueller’s investigation into Stone was only formally approved after Robert Mueller knew definitively that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian state which proves the political motives behind the essentially fabricated charge that Stone lied to Congress about matters that Mueller’s own report now concede Stone had no hand in. Interestingly Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied to the US Senate Judiciary Committee that he approved the investigation into Trump’s long-time advisor when unsealed documents show he signed on October 20, 2017.

In order to guarantee Stone’s conviction before a hostile judge and jury, Mueller’s prosecutors insisted that his case was ”related” to the case of the indictment of ex alleged Russian intelligence agents who Mueller charged but never brought to trial. Federal prosecutors insisted, therefore, he be tried before Amy Berman Jackson and promised to introduce evidence in Stone’s case that was obtained by search warrant in the Russian indictment at Stone’s trial. They never did so- just one of many acts of prosecutorial misconduct in Stone’s prosecution.

Not only did Mueller’s dirty cops fail to produce any such evidence in Stones trial, but when a federal judge required the Department of Justice to un-redact all of the remaining portions of the Special Counsel’s final report relating to Roger Stone, the government actually admitted in an inexplicable midnight release on November 3, 2020, that they found “no factual evidence” to support this alleged link to the Russians or Wikileaks.

In other words Judge Amy Berman – who reviewed Mueller’s sealed report herself and decided what sections Stone and his lawyers could see made the decision to withhold the shocking admission that they had no evidence against Stone tying him to Russian Intelligence, Wikileaks, and Stone that appears in Mueller’s final report and which the DOJ was only forced to disgorge by Court order. In other words, Jackson knew Stone had been charged with lying to Congress about events prosecutors could find no involvement or connection to! It would have completely destroyed the fabricated Mueller charges against Stone had this been known to Stone’s lawyers.

Even before we knew any this, Stone was subjected to one of the most transparent lynchings in modern judicial history where Judge Amy Berman Jackson granted pretrial motions by the government which were not only unconstitutional but made any powerful or effective defense impossible.

For example, the judge’s ruling prohibiting Stone from raising evidence of corruption by Mueller’s dirty cops, Rod Rosenstein’s  Department of Justice, James Comey’s  FBI, or any member of Congress in his defense. This is unconstitutional under Kyle V. Whitney which held that the integrity of the investigation and indictment of a defendant is always legitimate grounds for legal defense. If there was no corruption by any of the governmental entities involved in the investigation against Stone why would the government ask that such information be barred from Stone’s trial?

Given the extraordinary judicial misconduct that was ultimately exposed in General Flynn’s case as well as the startling admissions contained in the now unredacted Mueller report – the contents of which are exculpatory but were withheld from Stone at trial, the truth behind another media drama has been exposed. CNN Trumpeted the false allegations when efforts to slam Stone with a 7 to 9-year sentence by the four politically connected prosecutors in Stone’s case who resigned insisting they had been told to “go easy on Stone” by the DOJ brass who had themselves cited “White House pressure” as the reason.  One ex-prosecutor on Stone’s case, Aaron Zelinsky testified under oath to the House Judiciary Committee in an artful weave of hearsay, falsehoods, and assertions supporting this claim. Attorney General Barr denied any such pressure from the White House and the President under oath before the House Judiciary Committee.

When the Inspector General of the DOJ  announced that he would look into the issue of Stone’s sentencing, the media jackals were certain that the political pressure put on Stone’s prosecutors would be exposed. The Washington Post reported that the three top non-political career prosecutors at the Department of Justice – the very people Zelinsky testified had pressured him and told him of White House pressure on Barr, have specifically denied ever telling Stone prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky of alleged White House pressure from the Attorney General or the Acting US Attorney for DC.  These three also denied having ever said otherwise nor exerted pressure on Zelinsky.  This is in direct contradiction to Zelinsky’s sworn testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee.  Of this CNN reports nothing.

In view of the fact that Mueller’s thugs fabricated a series of “lying to Congress” charges against Stone when they, by their own admission, could find no factual evidence of either Russian collusion or collaboration with WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, it is a reasonable question as to when Mr. Zelinsky will be prosecuted for his own perjury before Congress. Two-tiered justice anyone?

Although the first nine pages of Stone’s indictment written by Mueller’s, sadistic and clever henchman Andrew Weissman, insist that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and gave the stolen data to WikiLeaks. Jackson prohibited Stones lawyers from using either expert testimony or forensic evidence to disprove the entire underlying premise of Stone’s indictment- that the Russians had hacked the DNC.

The epic corruption of Stone’s DC-based Soviet-style show trial however is really exposed when it was learned that jury forewoman Tomeka Hart had posted attacks on both Stone himself and President Trump on both her Facebook and Twitter pages in 2019, had hidden these on a private setting during jury selection and the trial and then deleted them after Stone was convicted.

Judge Jackson even gagged Stone, prohibiting him from defending himself from any of the hysterical attacks from the left-wing media who mischaracterized an image Stone posted of the Judge on Instagram claiming it was a threat to the judge. It wasn’t but the resulting media frenzy made it impossible to get the truth told, Stone was gagged and prohibited from defending himself in any public forum. Stone was to be silenced before he was to be lynched.

Judge Jackson issued a ruling insisting that nothing that juror Tomeka Hart had done demonstrated bias against defendant Stone.  Next Jackson ruled that the 68-year-old Stone must surrender to a COVID-19 infested prison despite all current legal precedents, current Department of Justice, and Bureau of Prisons regulations.  Judge Jackson essentially guaranteed President Trump would recognize that his long-time friend had not received a fair trial leading to both the commutation of Stones sentence and ultimately to his Presidential Pardon.

In the last three weeks, ABC, CNN, and the New York Times have run a coordinated campaign of distortion against Stone using “guilty by association” because the Oath Keepers provided voluntary security to Stone when the Republican operative visited Washington DC on January 5th and 6th. While Stone spoke at two permitted public events on the 5th he actually never left the Willard Hotel grounds on January 6th meaning Stone was not on the Ellipse, not in the march to the Capitol, not on the Hill, and not at or inside the Capitol.  But the same phony fake news outlets that were wrong and viciously inaccurate about Stone during the Russian collusion hysteria are using innuendo, and “guilt by association to try to tie Roger Stone to events there is no evidence that he either knew about or played a role in.

It should be noted that CNN was at Roger Stone’s home minutes before the FBI raid on Stone’s home.  The FBI allowed them to video Stone’s arrest to the exclusion of all other media. CNN claimed to be there based on their laughable claim of “a journalistic hunch” – which was disproven shortly after Roger Stone was arrested at 6:06 AM. At 6:11 AM CNN Correspondent Sarah Murray called Stone’s lawyer Grant Smith to tell him of his client’s arrest. At 6:22 she texted Smith a draft of Stone’s indictment bearing no court markings but including the initials of famously corrupt Mueller henchman Andrew Weissman as the author. This document was still under court seal and was not released to the public docket until 8:55. The claim by CNN that they had downloaded the document from the Special Counsel’s website means the Special Counsel violated the seal but the Wayback machine shows it’s a lie. Leaking the Government’s timing and intention to execute an arrest or search warrant is a felony. This is CNN and the Mueller gang.

Now CNN raises a sealed two-year-old investigation in which no crimes were identified or charges brought and recycles the much-hyped claim related to an image Stone pasted on Instagram.  This image was mischaracterized as intending to threaten the Judge. Stone denied under oath that that was the intention and was not charged or convicted of having done so. It became a feeding frenzy of distortion obscuring the origins of the image. Only the Gateway Pundit had the real story.

The New York Times has been particularly egregious and dishonest in their transparent efforts to use “guilt by association” to imply that because Roger Stone was provided with security by members of the Oath Keepers when he spoke in Washington on January 5th, 2021, he was guilty of the Capitol violence. The Times used the technique of “guilt by association” and even stooped to the level of using manipulated and doctored images to prop up their own baseless claims. This is not surprising given that the New York Times ‘Investigative Video editor Christiann Triebert was formerly a hitman for George Soros’s investigative website Bellingcat. Journalist my ass!

The New York Times has presented no evidence whatsoever that Roger Stone either approved of or had advanced knowledge of the illegal acts at the Capitol on January 6th. But they cleverly hope to imply it. Even to the amateur eye, it is obvious that the image used by the New York Times to illustrate their smear has been created or manipulated using Photoshop. The lighting on the images depicted is inconsistent and clearly comes from images that have been added for the purposes of defamation.

Roger Stone has confirmed that when no off-duty DC police officers were available to provide security during his time in Washington that the Oath Keepers provided a voluntary security detail. The extrapolation by the New York Times that this somehow proves Stone’s involvement, approval, or advanced knowledge of the US Capital riot is false and a transparent smear.

Contacted by this reporter, Roger Stones specifically said “I neither approved of nor had any advanced knowledge of the senseless politically damaging illegal acts at the Capitol on January 6th.” Stone noted that he sent a statement to the Times but they did not link to it and used but an innocuous fragment of it. That Stone came in contact with members of the Oath Keepers is undeniable. That this means that he knew anything about any member Oath Keepers participating in any illegal events of January 6th is categorically false.

The Washington Post is just as obvious. Bowing to the overflow of haters on Twitter who demand Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Ali Alexander, all of whom were prominent in the perfectly legal ‘Stop the Steal” movement, be investigated and charged for illegal events is baseless.  There is no evidence the Post has supplied which shows they had any connection to the riots on the Capitol but the Post has reporters call around to ask if such an investigation exists to suggest that it doesn’t exist it should.

This recycled tactic of pushing a completely fabricated allegation against Stone in the hopes that some investigator or regulator will take an interest in their BS is really driven by their rage over the pardon President Donald J Trump issued to Roger Stone on December 23, 2020. Their job became easier when Stone, who was banned on Twitter in 2017 and was subsequently banned by Facebook and Instagram based on the false claim that he owned and operated hundreds of fake Facebook profiles.

The left hates Stone because he has been a warrior for three Republican presidents. Stone is a brawler who calls them out on their hypocrisy and corruption. The Republican veteran who worked for Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump may be the most hated man on the left, second only to President Donald Trump himself. Stone famously engineered citizen action during the 2000 Florida presidential recount.

You see, Roger Stone beat them. He never buckled under extraordinary pressure from the thugs around Robert Mueller to bear false witness against candidate Trump regarding some 29 cell phone calls between Stone and Trump in 2016. Stone refused to lie. “Michael Cohen I am not” Stone famously said.

When one-time, important journalist Howard Fineman said on MSNBC that Stone had told him that he knew of misconduct by the President and withheld the information in return for clemency from Trump – a lie repeated by Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, and Hillary Clinton, Stone produced a text message from Fineman specifically confirming that Stone had said no such thing.

They destroyed Roger Stone financially. Roger’s and his wife lost their home, their savings, most of their insurance, one of their cars. Nydia sold all of her jewelry except for her wedding ring. The lawyers took everything. Roger Stone and his wife and family had to work to raise the balance of his massive legal expenses. Once gagged it became impossible for Stone to make living. Still Roger Stone would not buckle.

Stone, once a widely known libertine, renewed his Christian faith after a private sit-down with Rev. Franklin Graham set up by Rev. Randy Coggins who had befriended Stone and his family in their time of turmoil. When President Donald Trump recognized the unfairness of Stone’s trial and granted him clemency saving him from a Covid-19 infested prison the reborn Stone was fulsome in giving glory to his God.

The plain truth is these media “jackals”, as Stone calls them, have a complete lack of evidence that Roger Stone approved of or had any connection whatsoever to the politically tone-deaf and illegal events of January 6. Those same outlets that vilified Stone and his family and supporters for two years running have not bothered to report that at midnight on November 3, 2020, the US Department of Justice released the last remaining unredacted sections of the Special Counsel’s report in which they admitted that they had “no factual evidence” whatsoever about Stone regarding the Russians, WikiLeaks or Assange.  Furthermore, the DOJ concluded that even if Stone had received and then disseminated data from WikiLeaks such an act would not be a crime. Don’t look for reports of this in the New York Times, Washington Post or MSNBC, ABC, NBC, or any of the others.

Now they are all back with a new smear.  They just can’t get over the President’s ability to understand the political motivation of Roger Stone’s indictment and the epic corruption and railroading of Roger Stone in a DC Courtroom or the President’s act of courage in issuing clemency for his friend of 40 years.

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