EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Speaks Out – “Rod Rosenstein Lied to Congress – the Exact Crime Stone Was Falsely Convicted Of”

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone releases statement through the Gateway Pundit regarding former DAG Rod Rosenstein’s testimony in front of Congress on Wednesday:

Rod Rosenstein Testified under oath before the Senate Judiciary committee that he did NOT  authorize the Mueller investigation into Roger Stone when in fact he signed the second scope memo doing exactly that on October 20, 2017 ,three months AFTER Mueller already knew there was no Russian collusion. This proves that Muller’s investigation and indictment of Stone was a malicious political prosecution they had nothing whatsoever to do with Russian collusion.

Mueller Dirty Cop Aaron Zelinsky, who Representativ Devin Nunes accused of misconduct in the Papadopoulos case, told multiple Federal Judges he had evidence of treason, conspiracy against the United States, violation of the Foreign campaign contribution ban, cyber-crimes, including unauthorized access to a protected computer and the receipt and dissemination of stolen material, wire fraud, aiding and abetting a felony and being an accessory to a felony after the fact.  Zelinsky neither had not could find any such evidence but leaked the claims to the media anyway.

Mueller’s Dirty Cops essentially fabricated “lying to Congress“ charges against Stone although none of the misstatements that Stone made were neither material nor did they hide any underlying crime or criminal activity.

Unlike the Flynn case, Judge Amy Berman Jackson specifically prohibited Stone from raising the issue of misconduct by the Special Counsel, the FBI, the Justice Department or any member of Congress in his defense. All of the records of Stones trial as well as the 3 TB ‘[terabytes] of evidence that the government dumped on Stones lawyers in discovery remain under a protective seal.

In the end, the best Mueller’s dirty cops could contrive was a fabricated case of lying to Congress that was authored by Andrew Weissmann who left his initials in the ‘meta-tags’ of the indictment that the Special Counsel blast emailed to the media at 7 AM on the day of Stone’s arrest. Even this disclosure was illegal because Stone’s indictment was not unsealed by a federal magistrate until 9:30 AM. Judge Jackson refused to penalize the government for their release of a sealed document.

Confirmation of the fact that Rosenstein approved the scope memo that authorized the investigation of Stone is on page 20 of the Mueller report and was redacted until recently.

In other words, Rosenstein lied to Congress the exact crime Stone was falsely convicted of.  Why is Rosenstein being held to a different standard? When will Rosenstein be prosecuted?

Here is Rosenstein’s Testimony from Wednesday when he was asked about Stone.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons asked former DAG Rod Rosenstein the following questions on Wednesday (click on link to see video and transcript):

Senator Chris Coons (01:53:24):

You authorized filing the indictment in the Roger Stone case as well, correct?

Rod Rosenstein (01:53:28):


Senator Chris Coons (01:53:29):

And a jury convicted Roger Stone of seven felony counts.

Rod Rosenstein (01:53:32):

If I could just clarify. I believe that I don’t believe I was acting attorney general at the time the Stone case was filed. So I’m certainly aware of it, but I don’t know as a legal matter I don’t know that I authorized it.

Senator Chris Coons (01:53:46):

In any event, a jury ultimately convicted Roger Stone of seven felony counts in the indictment. Do you think Roger Stone committed those crimes of which he was convicted?

Rod Rosenstein (01:53:58):

Based upon the jury’s verdict, yes.

Senator Chris Coons (01:54:00):

And in the Roger Stone case, career prosecutors filed a sentencing motion and the political leadership of the department filed a different motion within a day. The career attorneys then withdrew from the case and one went further and resigned from the department. Are you aware of any other recent case where political appointees filed a sentencing recommendation that is so markedly different from what career prosecutors had filed?

Rod Rosenstein (01:54:24):

I understand your question, Senator. The only issue I would take with it is that technically every pleading we filed contains the name of the US attorney. You’re focusing on whose signature appears on the document, but all those documents are filed in the name of the US attorney and I considered US attorneys responsible for them.

Senator Chris Coons (01:54:42):

Do you think a president should publicly criticize question or attack ongoing Department of Justice investigations?

Rod Rosenstein (01:54:49):

I’m not going to comment on the president, Senator as I think I’ve made clear. I understood the president’s frustration. I don’t think it’s my job to comment on how he articulates that.

See the full interview between Senator Coons and Rod Rosenstein here:


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