EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Firm that Allegedly Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia, Runbeck Election Services, Is Closely Tied to Democrat Party

The Arizona firm who is named as the sender of the alleged fraudulent ballots sent to Georgia which were uncovered in a warehouse in Fulton County, has very close ties to the Democrat Party.

Yesterday we reported on the ballots from Arizona that showed up in Georgia during the 2020 election:

Pallets of Ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified, Filmed and Sampled Before Moving Trucks Picked Them Up and Shredded Them

The ballots had mailing instructions on them which showed that the firm mailing the ballots was from Arizona:

Runbeck Election Services has a webpage where they affirm:

Since 1972, Runbeck Election Services has preserved the integrity of the American democratic process. We partner with cities, counties and states to provide a trusted election experience with ballot print and mail services, and equipment and software technology solutions that are accurate, transparent and efficient.

Rey Valenzuela, the Director of Elections for Maricopa County Arizona is listed on the front page of Runbeck’s website. He provides the one and only testimony of Runbeck where he shares:

Runbeck Elections is a subject matter expert on process. They are always involved and want to know more. Runbeck is reliant as a partner not a vendor; their competence helps them identify issues before they become an issue.

We’ve reported numerous accusations of questionable and corrupt activities in Maricopa County in Arizona.

In the video below, Valenzuela brags about working with an unnamed political organization to ‘cure’ ballots after the election by calling individuals on the phone. This went on for a week and it is unlikely that it was performed under dual control, with proper chain of custody or according to the laws set by the legislature in the state:

Having the Director of Elections for Maricopa County Arizona as your reference is not a good thing; it implies connections to corrupt election activities.

Although not listed as a member of the Executive Team, Brian Runbeck, identifies himself as the Client Services Manager/Project Manager and Production Coordinator at Runbeck Election Services.  He manages the production of election ballots and related official election material.  He claims he handles high pressure deadlines and high volume production.

Mr. Runbeck also made 50 separate donations to Act Blue, Biden for President and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee between August 15 and October 30, 2020:

Of course the Democrats are involved in suspect and corrupt activities to steal the 2020 election.  This is how they win.

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