More Than 1.1 Million Attended President Trump’s Rallies Since Labor Day – Not a Single Window Broken, Policeman Attacked or Attendee Killed – Clearly Trump Wasn’t Behind Violence at the Capitol

President Trump had more than 80 rallies between Labor Day and the 2020 Election.  In all these events, not a single window was broken, not a single policeman attacked or an attendee murdered.


President Trump, according to our calculations held 86 rallies between Labor Day and the Election.  He entertained more than 1.1 million supporters.

In all these events, there never was a single instance of a window being broken, or a policeman being attacked or a supporter killed. Not one. 

This past summer Democrat-sanctioned BLM and Antifa caused billions in damages across the country and people were murdered as well.  The Democrats raised money for participants’ bail.

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Last week these same Antifa animals were at the Capitol.  It was easy to spot them.  It didn’t take experts to point this out.

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Trump supporters didn’t break windows and attack police at the Capitol last week.  Antifa did.  Anyone with common sense knows this.

Blaming the violence last week at the Capitol was an example of lies upon lies.  The accusers hate good God loving Americans.

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