EXCLUSIVE: Proud Boy Run Over By Black Lives Matter Activist Responds to Prosecutors Declining to Charge His Attacker

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against a Vancouver Black Lives Matter militant who followed the Proud Boys to a bar following a memorial for the Patriot Prayer member who had been murdered by Antifa in Portland — and ran over one of them with his vehicle.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, the victim, Shane Moon, expressed his outrage at the decision.

Moon, as well as other witnesses, say that it was a targeted attack due to his political beliefs. He was placed in intensive care following the attack — as he was bleeding from his brain, sustained damaged to his left temporal lobe, has a concussion and could not remember the impact.

Last week, the prosecutors office emailed him to let him know that they will not be charging the man who did it, Charles R. Holliday-Smith, 30.

Moon believes that he was not treated as a victim because of his political beliefs.

“I am angry. I feel like I was completely disregarded as the ‘victim’ in this case because of who I am. I fought for my country for years and don’t ask for much in return. I do, however, expect the legal system in this country to do their job and provide justice, which was not done in this case,” Moon told TGP. “I was left out of the loop from day one, being told that i would be receiving a phone call to setup a meeting with the Prosecutor, which never happened, or to call the Victims Assistance Unit with any questions, all attempts going unanswered and receiving one single phone call from the detective during this 3 month investigation. The one-sided hypocrisy has become so blatantly obvious it can no longer be denied, or ignored.”

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, Moon had just attended a memorial for the man who was murdered by Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl in August when he was hit.

Following the memorial, Moon and a group of his friends and Proud Boys went to a local bar down the street called Charlie’s. According to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, a man who appeared to be a member of Antifa was also at the bar and began taking photos and recordings of the people inside.

Rex Fergus, who witnessed the incident, told the Gateway Pundit that the man “started walking around the bar and recording us, putting his phone in our faces, supposedly for doxing.”

“As he was doing that, one of our guys confronted him and said ‘hey, get out of here, we don’t want you filming us. This is a private establishment and we’re not in public.’ The man continued to try to pick fights with people in the bar at the time, until security finally kicked him out of the bar,” Fergus said.

As the man was kicked out of the bar, there were several Proud Boys in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and just arriving from the memorial service. Fergus explained that the man had also become combative with them.

“Once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off, he hit Shane,” Fergus said. “Shane tried to get out of the way and the guy ran him over.”

Fergus said that Shane’s body went up on to the roof of the truck and his head hit the concrete when he fell.

“Immediately he was unconscious. After he hit him, the driver of the truck gassed it and left the parking lot, leaving Shane on the ground, bleeding out of his ears,” Fergus said.

“We immediately ran over and start doing everything we could to stabilize him. He was not conscious, but he was breathing,” Fergus said. “Blood was pouring out of his ears and his nose. His eyes were completely bloodshot.”

Luckily, a surgeon happened to be at the bar and helped them get control of the situation until the paramedics arrived.

For weeks, the Vancouver Police Department refused to provide the victim or witnesses with any information about whether or not the attacker was in custody, or even a name of the suspect.

People who wish to donate to Moon’s GoFundMe can do so here.


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