EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Attempts to Kill Conservative Activist After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa (VIDEO)


UPDATE #2: A fundraiser has been created on the Christian platform GiveSendGo, since GoFundMe is unreliable when raising money for conservatives.

A member of the Proud Boys is hospitalized with severe injuries from being hit by a car after attending a memorial for Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the President Donald Trump supporter who was murdered by Antifa in Portland.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio told The Gateway Pundit that the victim is bleeding from his brain, damaged his left temporal lobe, has a concussion and is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember the incident.

The Proud Boys are a pro-Trump male social group that frequently stands against Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants — which has made them a hated target of the left.

The Gateway Pundit has been asked to only identify the victim by his first name, Shane, at this time.

Following Danielson’s memorial in Vancouver, Washington, a group of Proud Boys went to a bar down the street, according to Tarrio. He said that a man who appeared to be a member of Antifa began taking photos and recordings of the people inside.

A man who witnessed the incident, Rex Fergus, told the Gateway Pundit that the man “started walking around the bar and recording us, putting his phone in our faces, supposedly for doxing.”

“As he was doing that, one of our guys confronted him and said ‘hey, get out of here, we don’t want you filming us. This is a private establishment and we’re not in public.’ The man continued to try to pick fights with people in the bar at the time, until security finally kicked him out of the bar,” Fergus said.

As the man was kicked out of the bar, there were several Proud Boys in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and just arriving from the memorial service. Fergus explained that the man had also become combative with them, so Shane pulled his phone out and started filming him back.

“Once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off, he hit Shane,” Fergus said. “Shane tried to get out of the way and the guy ran him over.”

Fergus said that Shane’s body went up on to the roof of the truck and his head hit the concrete when he fell.

“Immediately he was unconscious. After he hit him, the driver of the truck gassed it and left the parking lot, leaving Shane on the ground, bleeding out of his ears,” Fergus said.

“We immediately ran over and start doing everything we could to stabilize him. He was not conscious, but he was breathing,” Fergus said. “Blood was pouring out of his ears and his nose. His eyes were completely bloodshot.”

Luckily, a surgeon happened to be at the bar and helped them get control of the situation until the paramedics arrived.

Tarrio tells Gateway Pundit that that the attacker was arrested, but we have not yet been able to confirm the driver’s name or any charges.

Fergus Provided the Gateway Pundit with a video he took of the aftermath.

A GoFundMe has been launched for Shane’s medical expenses.

Danielson, the man whose memorial they were attending, was shot and killed by Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl, in cold blood, last week. When the U.S. Marshall Service went to arrest him, he did not surrender and was subsequently killed.

Many have speculated that Reinoehl did not act alone. Portland Police were searching for another suspect from the shooting and arrested him on Saturday night.

In a press release, the Portland Police thanked the public for helping to identify him.

In an interview with Vice News in the hours prior to being shot and killed, Reinoehl said that “I see a civil war right around the corner.”

“That that shot felt like the beginning of a war,” Reinoehl said.


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