Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Ekes Out 6 Point Win Over Open Communist Pro-Antifa Challenger

America’s weakest mayor, Portland’s Ted Wheeler, appears to have won reelection, somehow, over challenger Sarah Iannarone.

Wheeler, who has allowed antifa to riot nearly every night since late May, was forced into a runoff after failing to secure 50% of the vote in May’s primary. Normal people don’t like him because he refuses to stop the riots. The far left wackjobs, who rule by threats and intimidation, hate him because whenever the police actually do intervene to break up the riots, they blame Wheeler for police brutality.

He’s perhaps the most despised mayor in the country.

Iannarone has openly proclaimed that she is pro antifa, apparently wrote in communist dictators on her 2016 ballot, and has been spotted in a skirt featuring images of Joseph Stalin, Che Guevara, and Mao Zedong. She earned the endorsement of Bernie Sanders over the weekend. She actually held a lead over Wheeler in the polls at one point.

Initial returns showed Wheeler with a 6 point edge, and that trend continued as more and more votes were counted.

Wheeler is the first Portland mayor to even run for reelection since Vera Katz in 2000. The past three were either caught up in scandals or realized how impossible the job was and didn’t even want another turn at the helm.

In less crazy news, if you can believe, city council challenger Mingus Mapps has defeated entitled far left wackjob Chloe Eudaly. Mapps had broad support from various different organizations, including many Republicans, and brings a common sense approach to Portland. I know, I’m shocked too!


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