Pro-Antifa Communist Candidate Is Leading Ted Wheeler In Portland Mayoral Race

You know you’re in Portland when the current mayor who has chased out countless businesses and allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy the city on a nightly basis for over four months straight is somehow not far enough to the left to appease the voter base.

National laughingstock Ted Wheeler is now trailing in the polls for his re-election. But not against a candidate that promises to crack down on the rioters, promote businesses, and actually fix the roads. No, of course not. He’s losing to a candidate that’s even further to the left than he is. Plucky upstart Sarah Iannarone, who is best known for declaring “I am Antifa”, now picks up 41% of the vote to Wheeler’s 30%.

Willamette Week reports:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler trails his challenger Sarah Iannarone by 11 points, according to a poll of likely voters conducted by DHM Research on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance.

The results were presented at a PBA meeting last week.

Wheeler polled at 30% to Iannarone’s 41%, with the remaining 29% of surveyed voters split between writing in a candidate (16%) or remaining undecided (13%). It’s an especially notable result given that the poll was not conducted by either campaign, though PBA is supporting the mayor. (The poll has a four percentage point margin of error.)

The results are somewhat surprising given that Iannarone finished more than 20 points behind the mayor in the primary, in which Wheeler nearly received the 50% plus one of votes required to avert a runoff.

At the same time, Wheeler has faced intense criticism throughout the summer for his handling of protests and policing. And another recent poll, conducted on behalf of a City Hall police accountability measure, had Wheeler at 26% favorability, The Oregonian reported.

Iannarone was once spotted at an event wearing a skirt that featured several murderous communist dictators, including Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara.

Portland Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone, sporting a skirt featuring numerous communist dictators (click to enlarge).

Her explanation for wearing said skirt?

Her communist supporters defended her:

One guy attempted to laugh it off as a joke:

Could you imagine the outrage if some conservative politician wore an outfit with pictures of Hitler and Pinochet, then claimed it was a joke?

Iannarone’s campaign manager is activist-turned-grifter Greg McKelvey, who previously headed up the election week protests-turned-riots back in 2016. Here she is with him:

McKelvey is a devout communist. Here are pictures of him proudly wearing a hat with communist logos:

And here he is openly admitting he’s a communist:

He’s also pals with Cory Booker:

But Iannarone hasn’t committed to completely abolishing the police. She’s only said she wants a $25 Million cut to the bureau. Will the mob eventually turn against her?

Things are about to get a lot more interesting in the Rose City. Can’t wait to see how this petri dish plays out!


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