“These People Were Vicious – I Saw All Kinds of Illegal Behavior” – Michigan Election Witness Who Saw 4 AM Illegal Ballot Drop for Biden Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Also Saw Multiple Late Night Ballot Dumps!

Andrew Sitto, Republican poll challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit, saw poll workers filling out votes for the Democrats on election night!

Official Detroit poll workers stole votes by marking non-Biden votes for Biden, Sitto says.

“I saw all types of illegal behavior.”


He describes 4am ballots being brought to the counting tables and spread out.

They would run the same ballots through the tabulators multiple times, “we were told to look for this” Sitto says. When they went through a second time, they were committing voter fraud according to Sitto. 

Other witnesses have described the ballot duplication process, and thousands of spare ballots laying around with an official duplication process at the TCF Center. 

Explosively, Sitto says: “I didn’t see any ballots with legitimate reasons to be duplicated. Every ballot was normal” when it came in. 

“The whole thing is illegal. The whole night was illegal.”

Sitto believes he and another poll challenger saw blatant voter fraud at one of the duplication tables, where poll workers are supposed to copy votes precisely from damaged ballots onto new ones. He saw the poll workers duplicating a mixed-ticket ballot while a group of Democrat operatives distracted and forced the Republican poll challenger away from the table. “The moment [the Republican poll challenger] looked away, they filled in the Democrat ticket.”

Sitto personally saw voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden in Detroit.

Sitto also described seeing poll workers running the same stacks of ballots multiple times though a tabulator. He also said poll workers grabbed handfuls of empty ballots and hid them at their tables. All poll workers had pens, which he believes could have been used to illegally fill out the blank ballots.

“I saw them taking empty ballots that should only be used for duplicates, stashing them and probably voting them later straight-ticket for Joe Biden.”

Sitto described pens at most tables, and poll workers regularly grabbing duplicate ballots for no valid reason. The pens would be necessary if they were manually filling out ballots at the counting tables.

“These people were vicious.”

“I’ve made reports about this” Sitto says, though there’s no indication if any official has pursued Sitto’s claims of witnessed voter fraud.

Voter fraud is the “illegal interference with the process of an election” and Sitto is in a long line of other witnesses who have said they personally witnessed illegal interference in the process of Detroit’s elections. 

Describing the official Detroit officials conspiring with left-wing poll workers to fraud the vote: “It was a collective attack.”

When the exhausted Republican poll challengers took a break on Wednesday, Sitto said the Michigan state government notified the TCF personnel that COVID-related occupancy restrictions would now be enforced on the facility. As a result, he and other Republican poll challengers were locked out at a crucial moment, and he witnessed security coming in and the windows being covered up.

“They counted the military ballots in the most secret way they could,” he said. 

However, Sitto noticed that some people were allowed back in during that time. “The Dems and the media were welcomed in,” he said.

“There were two systems. There was their system and our system. Their system was very open and welcoming to their people. And our system was ‘Fall in line. Follow the rules. COVID restrictions.'”

Matching other statements, Sitto described that his challenges to illegal ballots were ignored.

“They would just continue on.”

If Sitto’s account is accurate, it could explain the numerous eyewitness accounts of the Democrats harassing, stalking, and intimidating Republican volunteers, effectively obstructing them from viewing the counting and duplication operations.

Sitto also described that, as a Republican, he and his family requested absentee ballots and never received them.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/RKoj7pA3TFI



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