National Guard Called Out in Portland As “Widespread Violence” Erupts Over…. Ted Wheeler

Portland rioters. Note the “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge” banner with an AK47 on it

Despite Portlanders believing that Sniffy Joe is about to be declared the next President, the rioters have taken to the streets because reasons, this time venting their frustration over vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler’s successful reelection bid.

After two separate marches converged downtown, the National Guard was activated due to “widespread violence” breaking out.

The terrorists busted out windows of churches, restaurants, and locally owned stores:

UPDATE: Police arrested a guy with a loaded rifle who was throwing a Molotov cocktail at police. He was also wearing a bullet proof vest.


Note that these businesses that were hit are a good 10-15 blocks away from the main protest area around the Justice Center, where the businesses had boarded up all their windows. The terrorists are intentionally going further away to target the ones who didn’t think they had anything to worry about.



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