James O’Keefe Files Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times

What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? We’re about to find out. Project Veritas is 7-0 in court battles during its 10 year history. The New York Times has not lost a defamation suit in over 50 years. The two are now set to square off, as James O’Keefe and Project Veritas officially filed their lawsuit against the legacy New York Times on Friday.

The points of contention involve several defamatory and untrue statements made by New York Times writers Maggie Astor and Tiffany Hsu in their stories about the Project Veritas videos out of Minnesota involving a ballot harvesting scandal. Astor and Hsu falsely claimed that Project Veritas was part of a “coordinated disinformation effort” and referred to the videos as “misleading” and “deceptive” while also claiming that Project Veritas used “unidentifiable sources” and “without evidence” despite the fact that several sources are named in the video and hard evidence of the scheme was shown on video. Ironically, the New York Times themselves used unidentified sources to concoct their conspiracy theories about the videos.

O’Keefe and co. sent a letter to the New York Times a few weeks ago demanding several retractions. The newspaper refused to make the corrections, and said they stand by their reporting.

“This is absolute hogwash, dishonest and libelous,” exclaims O’Keefe in a video he made about the suit, after vowing “We are not going to forget the transgressions against us.”

From the Project Veritas website:

The founder and CEO of Project Veritas announced today his journalism outfit intends to sue The New York Times reporters Maggie AstorTiffany Hsu and their paper for defamation after failed negotiations.

“Several weeks ago, The New York Times published two articles saying our Minnesota ballot harvesting investigation was ‘deceptive,’” he said.

“The Times made this false claim saying our story relied solely on ‘unidentified sources.’ This is absolute hogwash, dishonest and libelous,” he said.

“Project Veritas is suing the New York Times and we will win,” O’Keefe said. The legal action was filed at the Westchester County courthouse of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The lead counsel for this lawsuit is Libby Locke of Clare Locke. Locke successfully litigated against The New York Times in the past and won a multi-million-dollar judgement against Rolling Stone. Last year she secured a $26 million defamation verdict in North Carolina.

“This lawsuit is a watershed moment for Project Veritas and all the other individuals and organizations the Old Gray Lady has unfairly attacked and marginalized,” O’Keefe said.

“We are making our stand here and we are telling The Times, and everyone else: ‘The lies stop now, or we will fight you all the way to the Supreme Court,’” he said.

“You can run, but you cannot hide, New York Times. You defamed us, we are suing you, we will depose you, we will expose you, and we will win,” O’Keefe vowed in the video. “And to those of you so-called journalists who repeated the Times’ reporting, USA Today, local TV news, facebook.com, don’t worry, you’re next. Retract it now, and save yourslef the trouble and the embarassment.”

A victory for O’Keefe will undoubtedly send shock waves through the fake news industry, as it would set a standard that none of them can stoop to these levels again. O’Keefe has often had to battle false claims that his work is deceptive and defamatory in itself, but so far no one has been able to prove such. And this is not exclusive to O’Keefe, as several other non far left news sources, including those of us here at the Gateway Pundit, have also had to deal with such phony accusations. The fake news industry just hates real news and is often put in a position where they have to kick and scream in the corner to try to discredit anyone who does their job better than they themselves do, while at the same protecting their far left interests.

The 73 page complaint can be viewed here.


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