James O’Keefe Threatens To Sue New York Times Over Libelous Claims

Relying on conjecture, what-ifs, probablys, unnamed sources, and false assertions, the New York Times could find themselves in hot water after they recently published a piece playing cover for the ballot harvesting scandal and trying to paint James O’Keefe and Project Veritas as the bad guys. O’Keefe lashed out at the former newspaper (now propaganda arm of the democrat party), demanding retractions and corrections.

With a headline of “Project Veritas Releases Misleading Video, Part OF What Experts Call a Coordinated Effort,” the first paragraph of the NYT hit piece reads “A deceptive video released on Sunday by the conservative activist James O’Keefe, which claimed through unidentified sources and with no verifiable evidence that Representative Ilhan Omar’s campaign had collected ballots illegally, was probably part of a coordinated disinformation effort, according to researchers at Stanford University,” and it just goes downhill from there, as they grasp tirelessly at straws in futile attempts to discredit the videos that literally show Omar’s associates involved in ballot shenanigans.

“This article is libelous, it’s unsubstantiated, and it’s misleading. It is full of fabricated claims,” says O’Keefe, in a recent video he made to respond to the deceptive article.

The article then goes on to claim that O’Keefe’s video was launched when it was to run interference over the Trump tax returns non-story, even though O’Keefe and his people had planned on launching it that day well in advance. “Had The Times or the ‘researchers’ done any due diligence by contacting Project Veritas, we could have undeniably proven the decision to release the video early was made before The Times article was published,” he said.

The story goes on to ding O’Keefe for not naming sources, even though several people in the videos are named, and you can see their faces and hear their actual voices. The New York Times themselves, however, don’t list any actual names of these alleged “researchers” from Stanford that they are relying on. Further, we all know how many unnamed sources from their past articles have turned out to be bogus in their perpetual anti Trump tabloidials, including the tax return story that the NYT themselves cite.

“Our attorney at Project Veritas has contacted the New York Times and asked for a retraction. The New York Times response? They say they ‘stand by’ their reporting. Well guess what. So do we! The only difference, we publish the truth. And you, at the New York Times, published a bunch of demonstrably false conspiracy theory nonsense. Stuff that has now been picked up by other outlets.” O’Keefe explains.

“So our only recourse, if you do not retract, is to sue you. We sent another letter to the New York Times, insisting, quote “The Times, the authors, their editors, and any other individuals who participated in the reporting and editing of the September 29ths Articles, preserve and retain all documents, data, and electronically stored information relating in any way to this publication.”

“I’m not afraid of the New York Times,” he boldly proclaims.



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