BREAKING: Ballot Count Upload Error in Arizona — Over 6,000 False Biden Votes Discovered

Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona dropped from 10,377 votes to 4,202 after a machine error was discovered on Tuesday.

The error was from a faulty upload from Greenlee County, which showed 22,110 votes — but should have been 3,723. State officials say that it was temporary and has now been corrected.

A data analyst for ABC 15, Garrett Archer, tweeted about the error before trying to downplay it by saying it “happens from time to time.”

The error gave Biden more votes than he is currently ahead by. It seems all of these errors end up working to the benefit of one side.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs tweeted about the error, saying “Unofficial election results were displaying incorrectly briefly today due to an uploading error that posted Greenlee County’s results multiple times while uploading write-in candidate info. The error has been corrected.”

Biden’s lead is now back to being listed as 10,377.