Airbnb Cancels Reservation and BANS Random Person for Planning to Attend Saturday’s Trump March in DC

Airbnb has cancelled a reservation and banned a private individual attending Saturday’s pro-Trump marches in DC after a random far-left activist complained that someone right-wing was using their service.

Airbnb has a long history of far-left activism and banning people who support the president.

Earlier this week, a left-wing activist gained access to a group chat for supporters of the Proud Boys who are planning to attend the various pro-Trump marches happening in DC this weekend. In messages that the activist subsequently leaked online, one of the people attending talked about how he had booked an Airbnb rental nearby.

The leak prompted far-left extremist Melissa Lewis to tag Airbnb asking “do you support far right extremists and Proud Boys using your platform for the Million MAGA March?” The rental does not belong to the activist, who asks people to send her money in her Twitter bio instead of getting a job.

The person that Lewis targeted is not a public figure in any way.

The corporation responded that “anyone affiliated with hate groups has no place on Airbnb. We’ve identified the reservation, cancelled it, and banned the user from our platform.”

Lewis replied thanking them for their “advocacy.”

The Proud Boys is pro-Trump men’s social club run by a person of color. The group’s chairman Enrique Tarrio told TGP that he is also banned from the service — even though he has never used it.

“I created an account and was banned just for existing,” Tarrio said. “Antifa has figured out how to game the system. They harass these weak corporations until they buckle under the pressure.”

Tarrio added, “Twitter has allowed these doxxers to do this unchecked. @AntifashGordon (Christian Exoo) uses university resources to enact financial terrorism on his political opponents. @RuthlessWe (Marc Mancini) is on the USPS’s dime while he does his harassment campaigns on Twitter. Both of them were exposed when the Proud Boys did some digging. I am planning to put events together in PA and NY in front of their places of work soon. We can’t allow this to continue.”

In June, Airbnb issued an appallingly anti-white guide to “tackle racism.” As TGP previously reported, “Airbnb’s ‘guide’ encourages people to financially support violent rioters and looters. It even guides you to a host of racial or white guilt articles and films, designed to shame every white person into believing that they are the ones responsible for racism in America.”


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