“It Was Just Conversation, Like BSing” Mainstream Media Runs Damage Control On O’Keefe Texas Hit

Leave it to mainstream media to run a puff piece on the woman caught on hidden video encouraging and engaging in various voter fraud activities. The video, launched by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, showed Raquel Rodriguez offering to buy people off to vote the way she wanted them to, admitting that Trump was right and that voter fraud was rampant, admitted to bringing in 7000 votes, possibly all fraudulently, and openly admitted that what she’s doing is illegal and she could go to jail for doing it.

Now News 4 San Antonio is running tear jerker stories on Rodriguez in an attempt to gain public sympathy for her.

In the interview, she tries to play it off that she was just lying, “just BS’ing” with the undercover PV operative, and everything was taken out of context. Of course the News 4 reporter, Yami Virgin, has to accuse Project Veritas of working a “coordinated disinformation effort” lie that has been perpetrated by the apparently fake news, New York Times in order to try to discredit the videos.

News 4 SA reports:

This is Raquel Rodriguez. She is the woman in the center of what has now become a national story on an alleged voter fraud scheme.

“First, everybody who knows me directly, they know what I do for the community, they know what I do for people, but I’m not like a monster like they make me out to be,” Rodriguez said to us.

In their story, they showed this undercover video of Rodriguez claiming that several candidates had paid her money to engage in various forms of voter fraud, including helping harvest ballots here in Bexar County.

Ballot harvesting is when a third-party gets a complete ballot and delivers it to an election official or a post office.

The allegations were wide ranging, and included ballot harvesting, but also included buying gifts for voters and persuading them to change votes.

“It was just conversation, like the b-s-ing,” Rodriguez claims. “They were pulling me and I was pulling their strings that’s how I saw it. Little did I know what they were doing but I knew something was wrong and I just went with it.”

Now, Rodriguez claims that it was all a lie. But why?

In an exclusive interview Rodriguez gave to the southside live stream show Carpenters Apprentice – Rodriguez claims she was just playing along with the undercover’s game.

“99 percent was bs to make a sale,” Rodriguez claims.

Rodriguez now tells you, the voter, should believe her.

“I expect people to believe me now, I’m here telling you my story, I have nothing to hide anymore,” Rodriguez said.

We could not find embeddable versions of the video interviews, but you can view them on the News 4 webpage.

News 4 might want to be on the look out for retraction demands. Their claims of Veritas and O’Keefe working as part of a “coordinated disinformation effort” are false and cannot be substantiated.


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