Obama’s Pick for Supreme Court in 2016 Was a Creeping Leftist – Thank God Merrick Garland Is Not On the Supreme Court!

There’s no shame is following the law and in politics pushing the priorities of your party when you have the chance.  This is occurring now and it happened in 2016 as well.

Many people feel guilty for standing up for themselves – they shouldn’t:

In 2016 then President Obama tried to push through his Supreme Court Judge appointee Merrick Garland and it didn’t work.  Unfortunately for Obama, after years of horrible policies, Obama lost the Senate to the Republicans.  The Republicans refused to bring in Garland for a vote and held off till the election.

In 2018, the Democrats were still upset they didn’t push harder not realizing the fact that they didn’t run the Senate.  Had they run the Senate, Garland would be a Supreme Court Justice today.  Far left Huffington Post wrote:

The consequences of Republicans’ denying a Supreme Court seat to President Barack Obama became real this week, as the court dealt a sweeping blow to public sector unions and voted to uphold President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Both votes were 5-4, and Justice Neil Gorsuch voted with the conservative majority both times.

The reason Gorsuch is on the court at all largely comes down to one person: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who refused to give Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, a shot at filling the seat vacated after Antonin Scalia’s death in February 2016. Garland never got a confirmation hearing or a vote; many GOP senators refused to even meet with him. McConnell pushed the argument that the next president should get to choose the next justice.

Democrats didn’t control the Senate at the time. But as they watch the Supreme Court now hand down major victories for conservatives, with Gorsuch playing a pivotal role, some of them wonder if they could have done more to stop McConnell.

Unfortunate for the Democrats there was nothing the Democrats could do.  They simply did not run the Senate.

Fortunate for America, Merrick Garland is not on the Supreme Court.  If he was he would be a far-left radical nutjob.  We know this because he still is a far-left unconstitutional nutjob.

Recently we saw Garland in action during the General Flynn hearing in front of the entire DC Circuit Court.  General Michael Flynn was fired by President Trump based on a lie perpetrated by Comey, Sally Yates, McCord, Strzok, Pientka, and other Deep State characters.  He was then indicted on false charges and threatened that his son would be arrested if he didn’t plead guilty by the corrupt Mueller gang.

Eventually after millions in expenses and a new lawyer, Sidney Powell, Flynn’s case was reviewed by a St. Louis prosecutor and all charges were dropped against the hero General.  The case went to the Court and the Judge decided not to drop the case, even though both the US government and Flynn agreed to end it.

The case went to the DC Circuit Court after a three judge panel agreed that the Judge needed to drop the case.  The judge asked for it to go in front of the entire DC Circuit Court.  This included Judge Garland.

Garland was appointed by Bill Clinton and showed his glaring bias in this hearing.  No person has ever been tried in this fashion.  The corrupt judge overseeing his case should have dropped his case immediately, instead he insinuated Flynn was a traitor at one hearing.

Judge Garland was angry and rude to Sidney Powell during this hearing.  He asked many questions and pressed Powell on the rationale for ending Flynn’s case even though the prosecutors and the defendants both agreed to end the case.  It was insane what the court was demanding answers to because this has never happened before in  US history.  The judge has taken over the case despite both parties wanting all charges dropped.  The judge has become the prosecutor – and Judge Garland and the other Obama appointees were fine with that.

Garland pressed Powell with a hypothetical:

U.S. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland pressed Powell with a hypothetical.

“If all the district court had done was to ask Flynn to brief the arguments on the separation of powers and permitted an amicus filing but did not appoint amicus, would you still argue against it?”

“I think I still would,” Powell noted.

At the end Powell summed it all up nicely:


Thank God the Republicans never agreed to vote on Garland for the Supreme Court. They did the right thing. They can do the right thing now by voting on President Trump’s pick as soon as able.  These radical judges should not be on the court. Period.

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