Portland Black Lives Matter: ‘A Black Person’s Life Matters More Than a White Person’s Right Now’ (VIDEO)

After years of domestic terror apologists claiming that “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that other lives matter less, Portland rioters have pulled the mask right off.

On Thursday night, a Portland Black Lives Matter activist declared that “a black person’s life matters more than a white person’s right now.”

Cheers could be heard from the crowd following her racist proclaimation.

We all knew that was what they meant all along, based on the media’s lack of concern over cases like Cannon Hinnant and Jessica Doty Whitaker, but nobody expected them to come right out and say it.

This is the real reason why the left gets so outraged over the phrases “All Lives Matter” and “It’s Okay to Be White.” It isn’t because these terms are “racist,” it is because they don’t believe it.

Portland has been rioting for three months, as their Democrat leadership ties the hands of the police and allows it to continue.


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