BREAKING: Portland Rioters Attempt to Break Into Police Union HQ, Set Fires Outside

Portland Black Lives Matter rioters were back at the Portland Police Association building and attempting to break in on Wednesday evening.

Rioters smashed through the door last month and started a fire.

As people attempted to breach the building, fires were lit outside. A woman who attempted to stop the fires was accused of being a cop and berated by the mob.

The Portland Police Department tweeted a warning that any “peaceful” protesters in the area should be advised that there is criminal activity taking place and should leave immediately.

“Some people in the crowd on N. Lombard St. and N. Campbell Ave are involved in criminal activity. It appears these people are trying to break into the Portland Police Association office,” the Portland PD tweeted. “To those attempting to break into and/or damage the Portland Police Association building: Stop now or you may be cited, arrested, or subject to use of force.”

They added, “if you are at this location to peacefully protest, know this criminal behavior is occurring and leave the area now.”

This is an ongoing situation and Gateway Pundit will be updating this story as more information becomes available.


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