BREAKING: Portland Rioters Smash Through Door of Portland Police Association, Light it on Fire (VIDEOS)

Violent rioters ripped down plywood and smashed through the door of the Portland Police Association late Saturday night… and lit the building on fire.

Just before 11 p.m., the Portland Police tweeted that “people have broken into the Portland Police Association office and lit the building on fire.”

A journalist named Tuck Woodstock reported that they were “hearing some kind of shots.”

Police rushed in shortly after the fire started and began to make arrests. At least one was captured on video.

Earlier in the evening, the black-clad militants were marching through the streets chanting “every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.” A stark contrast to the claims by liberals that these mobs simply want “police reform.”

Earlier this week, the president of the PPA Daryl Turner met with Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, which sparked outrage from the city’s leftist activists — both the ones holding political offices and the ones physically destroying the streets. Mayor Ted Wheeler refused to meet with Wolf, but it is unclear if he was even invited.

“The basic idea was to go and listen to see if there were any ideas in there that were helpful for us,” Turner told the Portland Mercury.

On Friday evening, a riot organizer declared that their mission is the “abolition of the United States as we know it” and referred to our nation as “stolen land.”

Following her speech, rioters attempted to barricade federal officers inside the Portland Federal Courthouse and Justice Center while launching explosives at the building. They also allegedly tied a man to a fence and beat him and held a street preacher at gun point before brutalizing him and physically removing him from their protest, according to a witness at the scene who spoke to livestreamers.

Saturday marked the 51st night of violent riots in the city.

The fire at the PBA is currently ongoing. We will be updating this article as more information becomes available.


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