OPEN THE SCHOOLS!… Dr. Robert Hariri: “On the List of 10 Most Common Causes of Death in 5-24 Year-old Population, COVID-19 Doesn’t Even Make the Top 50”

Doctor Robert Hariri was on with Judge Janine last night and he confirmed what we have been saying for months regarding the severity of the coronavirus and its impact on children.

Dr. Robert Hariri, Celularity Founder and CEO, joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night on Justice with Judge Jeanine.

When asked about the mortality of the China coronavirus, Dr. Hariri said this:

The first information we got from China was terrifying.  If you remember early on we thought this might be a virus that could have a mortality  of 5 or 10 percent.  That means somebody you know is going to die from this disease.  Now fortunately the data has indicated that although this is a bad, bad virus, no doubt about it, ruthlessly lethal against the elderly and the infirmed, it is sparing the younger population.

In fact, kids for the most part will do very, very well, in most cases won’t experience any symptoms if infected.  If they do experience any symptoms they tend to be very very mild. So that is something that is heartening when we’re thinking about having our kids return to the classroom.

After a followup from Judge Janine, Dr. Hariri said this:

So what we know is this, COVID-19 is extremely limited in its lethality in children.  In fact, on the list of the 10 most common causes of death in the 5 – 24 year old population, COVID doen’t even make the top 50.

Below is the interview with Dr. Hariri:

We’ve been saying this for months.  Get our kids back in school.  Anyone who argues against having our children in school is ignorant or does not care about our children.

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