EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt and Biased Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Refuses Stone Request – Orders Him to Prison on July 14th

Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson declined Roger Stone’s plea and ordered him to report to prison on July 14th.  This judge is the most political, corrupt and biased of all the corrupt Obama judges.

We reported two years ago and again in May 2018, that Obama appointed activist judge, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, had a horrible far left record on the bench.

In 2013 Judge Jackson rejected arguments from the Catholic Church that Obamacare’s requirements that employers provide cost free coverage to contraceptive services in spite of being contrary to their religious beliefs. This was overturned by the Supreme Court.

In 2017 Judge Jackson dismissed the wrongful death suit against Hillary Clinton filed by two of the families who lost loved ones in Benghazi. The families argued that Clinton had done little to help their sons and then lied to cover it up.

Then on January 19, 2018, Paul Manafort’s case was reassigned to Judge Jackson on January 19th, a few weeks after being filed.

It is unknown why she was assigned to this case or by whom. What is clear is that with her atrocious and slanted record, the Deep State and the Mueller team certainly wanted Judge Jackson overseeing the Manafort case.

We reported for months on the many criminal and corrupt actions taken by numerous parties related to the Mueller investigation. Mueller never should have taken on the job in the first place due to numerous conflicts.

But perhaps one of the most damning aspects of the Mueller investigation was that it was not legal. The corrupt Mueller investigation was tasked with finding a crime that did not exist in the law. It was a legal impossibility. Mueller was being asked to do something that was manifestly unattainable.

FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett explained this in an article in 2017 that the entire Mueller investigation was lawless.

The US statutory law is clear and Jarrett pointed it out. He concluded with the following.

…Mueller’s appointment by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein violated the special counsel law.

As I pointed out in a column last May, the law (28 CFR 600) grants legal authority to appoint a special counsel to investigate crimes. Only crimes. He has limited jurisdiction. Yet, in his order appointing Mueller as special counsel (Order No. 3915-2017), Rosenstein directed him to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” It fails to identify any specific crimes, likely because none are applicable.

To put it plainly, Mueller was tasked with finding a crime that did not exist in the law. It was a legal impossibility. He was being asked to do something that was manifestly unattainable.

Manafort sued the DOJ, Mueller and Rosenstein because what they were doing was not supported by US Law.

Manafort’s case argued in paragraph 33 of its filing that the special counsel put in place by crooked Rosenstein gave crooked and criminal Mueller powers that are not permitted by law. Mueller was given the latitude to investigate whatever he wanted to and that is not permitted by the law. Manafort’s filing paragraph 33 stated –

But paragraph (b)(ii) of the Appointment Order purports to grant Mr. Mueller further authority to investigate and prosecute “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” That grant of authority is not authorized by DOJ’s special counsel regulations. It is not a “specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated.” Nor is it an ancillary power to address efforts to impede or obstruct investigation under 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

Manafort’s case was solid but the judge was Obama’s corrupt liberal Judge Jackson. On April 27, 2018, Judge Jackson dismissed Manafort’s plea.

Judge Jackson was not only wrong in her judgments, she was also overly abusive to Manafort. She scolded Manafort and his team for a statement his spokesman issued maintaining his innocence and said the comments appeared to run afoul of the order she issued limiting public statements about the case by lawyers involved and by the defendants. Of course she said nothing about the many leaks from the corrupt Mueller team.

In May 2018 Judge Jackson addressed another argument from the Manafort team and basically threw it out as well. (Back then it was more than clear that there’s no way Manafort was getting a fair trial with Judge Jackson overseeing his case.)

Again later in 2018, corrupt Judge Jackson denied a request by President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort to suppress evidence seized by the FBI from his home as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe into whether Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

Friends of Trump go to solitary in an Amy Berman Jackson court while friends of Obama are set free!

No individual who disagrees with Obama will ever receive justice in Judge Jackson’s court.

Next somehow after being assigned to Paul Manfort’s case Judge Jackson was assigned to Obama White House counsel Greg Craig’s case related to the Mueller investigation.  The only individual related to Obama that was indicted in the investigation was then let go after Judge Jackson dismissed one of the two counts the Feds filed against him and then ultimately let him off all together.

After this Judge Jackson tossed a lawsuit over SPLC’s ‘Hate Group’ labels.

Next Judge Jackson was somehow assigned to Roger Stone’s case where he was indicted by the Mueller gang after being arrested a 5 in the morning in Florida by 20+ FBI Agents live on CNN!

Judge Jackson quickly put a gag order on Stone similar to what she did with Manafort.  Stone was accused of making a false statement related to the Russian collusion canard but Judge Jackson said his defense lawyers were not allowed to bring up the fact that the government was never able to show proof the Russians were behind the ‘stolen’ emails given to WikiLeaks.  This was central to Stone’s case.  If there was no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC then Stone could not have been prosecuted by Mueller.

Stone’s charge was lying to Congress but Congress lies to Americans every day with immunity.

Tucker Carlson commented on corrupt Judge Jackson as well suggesting she should be impeached:

Roger Stone was eventually indicted in Judge Jackson’s kangaroo court and then sentenced to multiple years in prison – a life sentence for someone his age.  But in the age of the coronavirus, Stone’s age is even more of a factor for someone going to prison.  If Stone were to contract the coronavirus it could be deadly.  

So Roger Stone petitioned the court to allow him to serve his time from home like others involved in non-violent crimes.  But we all knew this would never fly in Judge Jackson’s court.  

On June 26th Judge Amy Berman Jackson ignored the substance of Stone’s motion to either delay his surrender date or mandate home confinement due to the dangers of Coronavirus and ordered him to report to prison on July 14.  In essence, Judge Jackson gave Roger Stone two more weeks to sit at home and wait to report to prison.

Given the lack of transparency and the uncertain situation regarding the dangers of Coronavirus at the corrections facility at Jesup, Georgia, where prison guards and employees and their union have complained about the lack of masks, lack of gloves, no hand-washing regimens and no efforts at internal social distancing, at 67 years old and with a history of asthma, Jackson’s ruling is the same as giving Stone the death penalty while his case is under appeal.
Judge Jackson is not a judge – she should be impeached.

Please help Roger Stone and donate to his legal defense fund HERE.

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