Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Bars Roger Stone Defense From Tying Case to ‘Russian Hackers’

Corrupt Obama-appointed judge Amy Berman Jackson on Wednesday barred Roger Stone’s defense lawyers from tying their case to the bogus Russian collusion witch hunt.

Stone was accused of making a false statement related to the Russian collusion canard but Judge Jackson said his defense lawyers are not allowed to bring up the fact that the government was never able to show proof the Russians were behind the ‘stolen’ emails given to WikiLeaks.

Even worse, Judge Amy Berman Jackson was assigned to Roger Stone’s case because she was also assigned to Mueller’s case against the 12 Russian GRU officers — so the Deep State is allowed to link the judge based on both cases, but Roger Stone is not allowed to link the cases as part of his defense.

Bloomberg reported:

Roger Stone was charged as part of the investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but jurors at his November trial won’t hear much about that probe after a federal judge barred his lawyers from basing their defense on what it failed to conclusively prove.

Stone, an ally of President Donald Trump, was accused of undermining a Congressional investigation into whether Russians stole information from Democratic Party computers to supply damaging information to WikiLeaks. His lawyers say any lies he told the panel weren’t important if the U.S. couldn’t prove the Russians were behind the hack.

“This indictment does not charge Roger Stone with conspiracy related to the hacking or anything else,” Jackson said, referring to the case against the Russian GRU officers, saying “we are not going to have that trial in this court room until the defendants are present.”

Judge Amy Berman Jackson previously hit Roger Stone with a gag order and threatened to put him in jail.

President Trump should pardon Roger Stone and put an end to this abuse from a corrupt Obama judge.

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