VIDEO: Philadelphia Leftist Rioters Commandeer Cop Cars, RAM THEM INTO OTHER COP CARS!

The rioters in Philadelphia have somehow gained control of an entire row of police cars, as officers stand around watching the mayhem without interfering. The FOX 29 chopper shows them taking control of a cruiser, pushing it down the street, and letting it slam into other police cruisers. The rioters then smash up and loot all the other cars, grabbing whatever they can, before setting fire to one of them.

One looter grabs a police hat, and it’s entirely likely that they grabbed other police clothing, and could very well go around impersonating officers.

In Seattle yesterday one rioter stole an AR15 out of a burning police SUV.

Remember Philadelphia’s police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, was hired away from Portland late last year.


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