Seattle Riot! Terrorist Steals AR15 From Cop Car, Fires Burning, Protesters Take Freeways (VIDEO)

As the terrorists take over Seattle and set fire to a row of cop cars, one genius thug decided it would be a good idea to snag an AR15 from one of the burning SUV’s. Someone else, possibly a plain clothes cop, came rushing in with a handgun drawn and took the AR15 away from the kid.

Here it is from a different angle:

UPDATE: Apparently the guy who took the gun from the terrorist is a security guard for Q13 Fox news in Seattle. Since city and county prosecutors hate guns, hate people defending themselves, and love the riotous terrorists, they could very well file charges not against the terrorist who stole the gun from the police car, but against the guy who grabbed the gun back.

Huge plumes of smoke are rising over the city:

Meanwhile, other rioters did the smashy smashy:

The mob also took over the freeways:

National Lawyers Guild is standing by to help the terrorists:

Cops started launching tear gas to break up the crowd:

Mayor Jenny Durkan is instituting a 5 PM curfew (insert laugh track here):




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