Democrats Are Using COVID-19 To Usher In Socialism And This Meme Perfectly Sums It Up


For Democrats, COVID-19 is the road to socialism.

As the country navigates the course of the mis-modeled and over-hyped COVID-19 pandemic, we are hovering on a fragile tightrope between freedom and socialism, with those on the left pushing for socialism.

Eager not to let a “crisis go to waste,” Democrat lawmakers have become tyrannical, enforcing draconian unconstitutional stay home orders.

Joe Biden admits his goal is to use COVID-19 as an excuse to push a radically left agenda.

Dead Americans, millions of people plunged into idleness during lockdown and a broken economy that may plunge us into a depression is an “incredible opportunity” to “to fundamentally transform the country,” the presumptive Democrat nominee gloated on Monday.

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom also admits he wants to take advantage of the coronavirus “crisis” to implement a “new progressive era.”

Despite the rising amounts of Americans who are calling to return to work, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is touting “universal basic income.”

A recently released poll shows Democrats favor mandatory testing, immunity cards, ankle bracelets, quarantine and fines, precepts historically imposed in every communist country.


On Easter Sunday, Kentucky’s Democrat governor Andy Beshear ticketed those who attended an Easter church service in their cars and even put nails on the street and parking lot to “save lives.”

But Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer has earned nationwide infamy for using the coronavirus as a license to be a tyrant.

In true dictator fashion, Whitmer who is on the shortlist to be Biden’s running mate, has told the citizens of Michigan what is and what is not “essential,” what they can buy, where they can go, banned gatherings “anywhere for any reason” in people’s homes and shut down stores she deemed “unnecessary”.

Stores that she allowed to remain open have had to cordon off all products she has decided are not essential including plants, vegetable seeds, appliances and baby car seats.

She is keeping abortion clinics open but has banned the sale of the American flag.

The only thing standing between the United States and socialism is President Trump. The left’s effort to “save lives” during COVID-19 is their latest ploy to defeat the president.

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