WATCH: Mother Detained and Fined $880 for Letting Daughter Use Park Swing: ‘They Put Handcuffs On My Mom’

A young mother was handcuffed, fined, and called an idiot in front of her child for allowing her daughter to play on a swing in an empty park in Canada.

Bridget Carlson of North Bay, Ontario, had taken her five-year-old daughter out to get some fresh air two weeks ago when she allowed her to stop at an empty park and play on the swing set.

Rebel News reports that the woman thought there was no harm in stopping for a moment to give her daughter a sense of normalcy by pushing her on the swing, until two cops came and harassed her.

“They put handcuffs on my mom,” the daughter told Rebel Media.

Carlson was detained, searched, handcuffed and placed in the back of a cop car while her scared young daughter looked on.

“We were here for about 15 or 20 minutes, she was just on the swing,” Carlson explained. “We weren’t hurting anyone, we were here by ourselves. The police showed up, two officers approached us.”

The mother said that she told the police that they weren’t harming anyone and just needed to get outside for fresh air. She explained that at first she was just trying to speak with the officer person-to-person about how it has been hard for her being locked up with no support for two months. Instead of showing compassion for her, the officer called for backup.

“I was taken up to the police vehicle where the officer did a body search on me,” Carlson said. “It was very thorough and invasive.”

“From there, they put me in the back of the cop car and I didn’t even know where my daughter was,” she continued. “We were separated for about 20 minutes. He called me an idiot and yelled in my face.”

The police told her that if she didn’t pay the $880 fine they will take away her license.

Carlson, a single mom and college student, said she can’t afford the fines and her sleep and mental health has been suffering since the incident.

Rebel Media is helping her fight this fine and is crowdfunding to pay Toronto criminal lawyer Sam Goldstein with the Law Society of Ontario to take her case.


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