ATTENTION PRESIDENT TRUMP: Vote-By-Mail a DISASTER In Oregon! WRONG Ballots Sent To Thousands of Voters, Non Citizens Automatically Registered, Tech Tyrants Silencing Those Who Speak Out

President Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to unleash on the corrupt vote-my-mail systems that have been a mess in states that have implemented it:

There are studies that show mail-in voting is more likely than in person voting for fraud.
This is not hard to understand as there are several hand-offs in

Then the tech tyrants at Twitter later stepped in to “correct” President Trump with a Washington Post article.

President Trump responded:

Is it coincidence that Trump is raising these concerns as the ballot scandal is unfolding in Oregon, and the media and tech giants who attack him are also working overtime to discredit and demean the thousands who were sent the wrong ballot by elections offices?

Let’s recap the Oregon Ballotgate:

2,400 people joined the My Party Was Changed group on facebook, where voters tell disturbing tales about how they received ballots only for the non partisan races in the last week’s election, despite swearing they are registered as Republican or Democrat. They claim that somehow the elections officials goofed, and the result was all of these people were deprived of their right to vote in the party’s primary and to be elected as precinct committee person as a party official. When ballots arrived in late April, it was too late for these voters to get the right ballot.

Others in the group say they were sent a ballot for the Democrat candidates even though they are registered Republican, and vice versa. Still others claim they received multiple ballots.

As that story started to catch legs last week, Oregon’s Secretary of State, Bev Clarno, went into damage control mode, with the help of mainstream media and Facebook’s phony “fact checkers.”

“Reporters” immediately took the side of the state, who blamed voters for being too dumb to understand how the ballots work, and one staffer even accused the voters of getting drunk before messing with the voter affiliation. Some of these reporters didn’t even bother to interview or get statements from any of the affected voters and basically just repeated what the S.o.S. office said.

Scarier still, Oregon officials are working with Facebook and Twitter to scrub all mentions of this scandal, claiming that our story is misinformation and fake news, despite dozens of screencaps from people in the facebook group included in our stories.

Twitter jumped in to remove the account for @MyPartyWasChanged as more media rushed in to play cover, still shifting blame to the voters.

Democrat groups are also coming forward:

Perhaps the most alarming part of all this is that non citizens are automatically being registered to vote in Oregon, thanks to the new Motor Voter law.

One of them came forward to explain how she changed her address with the DMV and post office, and started receiving ballots, even though she’s not a citizen. We even have the documents from the state in our story corroborating her claims! This happened without her knowledge or permission.

And she’s not the only one. The step-son of a non citizen, but legal immigrant, spoke with Lars Larson last year to explain that his son started receiving ballots out of nowhere.

Perhaps some sort of prosecutorial immunity can be offered to those legal immigrants who speak out about receiving a ballot when they didn’t even know the state had registered them to vote.

State officials are not vetting these automatic voter registrations to verify that the people they are registering are legally able to vote.

10 people were convicted of illegally voting in Oregon in 2016, and many more were investigated. In fact 128 cases were opened in Oregon and Washington stemming from the 2016 election. And those are just the cases where they actually investigated.


Rather than vow to get to the bottom of the problem and rectify things, state officials are ignoring the problem and silencing those who speak out.

Attorney General Barr would have a field day investigating and auditing Oregon’s vote-by-mail system.


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