THIS IS HUGE: Oregon Government Orders Facebook to Remove Gateway Pundit Article on Republican Ballot Scandal – Facebook Complies — Despite Hundreds of Confirmed Testimonies

Updated: This story has been updated to correctly reflect Lead Stories writer Alexis Tereszcuk professional background.

Gateway Pundit readers may recall a recent story we did that shed light on hundreds, possibly thousands, of Oregon voters who mysteriously had their party changed, most from Republican to Non Affiliated, without their permission, consent or knowledge, effectively denying them the right to vote in their party’s primary and disqualifying them from being Precinct Committee Persons.

Today we found out the State Of Oregon is now working with Facebook to delete all mentions of this story.

Earlier today Facebook gave The Gateway Pundit a strike for posting this story even though we had 32 statements from different Oregon Republican voters to back up our report. 

Despite hundreds of people coming forward with similar stories about how they received a non affiliated ballot, and despite many screenshots from the Facebook group mentioned in our article, Facebook’s infamous “fact checkers” deemed the story as “misinformation” at the request of the Oregon state government.

This is what people see when a link to the article comes up in their feed:

And here is the ‘strike’ notice The Gateway Pundit received from Facebook earlier today:

Lead Stories flagged The Gateway Pundit article and issued the strike as a “hoax alert.”

Lead stories author Alexis Tereszcuk did not contact any of the 30+ Oregon voters who said their party affiliation was changed.

Instead Alexis spoke with the Oregon Secretary of State who denied there was any malfeasance.

She mentions that in her article at Lead Stories:


Alexis Tereszcuk, lists her bio as:

“Alexis Tereszcuk is a writer and fact checker at Lead Stories and an award-winning journalist who spent over a decade breaking hard news and celebrity scoop with RadarOnline and Us Weekly. As the Entertainment Editor, she investigated Hollywood stories and conducted interviews with A-list celebrities and reality stars. Alexis’ crime reporting earned her spots as a contributor on the Nancy Grace show, CNN, Fox News and Entertainment Tonight, among others.”


In her write up, Alexis went to  the Oregon Secretary Of State for a statement who, rather than address the concerns of all of the disenfranchised voters, Oregon Secretary of State spokeswoman Andrea Chiapella blames the citizens for not responding to some postcard they were supposed to get that automatically registers people as non affiliated.

From the Lead Stories article:

Did Oregon change hundreds of Republican ballots to non-partisan, thus denying Republican voters the right to participate in the state’s primary? No, that’s not true: Oregon voters who received the non-partisan ballots because they never took the second step of declaring a party affiliation, a spokeswoman for the Oregon secretary of state told Lead Stories. The procedure would affect Democrats, as well as Republicans.

The story went viral after an article cited a group of people on Facebook claiming they did not receive a Republican ballot to vote in the May 19, 2020, primary and instead were given “non-partisan” ballots against their wishes. The Oregon secretary of state denied changing citizens’ party registration and told that the claims that their party affiliation was changed against their wishes is “misinformation.”

Oregon secretary of state spokeswoman Andrea Chiapella denied that there was any malfeasance with regard to party registration being changed:

“Statements online that say that party has been changed against their wishes is misinformation and our Elections Director is trying to work with Facebook and Twitter to have it deemed as such and removed.”

That’s right. The government is now openly colluding with Facebook and Twitter to remove all mentions of this balloting scandal.

The aforementioned Elections Director is Stephen Trout, and he can be reached by email at [email protected]  .

Chiapella said her office received questions about the claims:

“I have gotten inquiries from people who thought they were Republican and who thought they were Democrat but were actually nonaffiliated. There hasn’t been any consistent reason as to why they thought they were registered with a party and were not, some of it has been simple misreading of their ballot. Seeing ‘non-partisan’ on their ballot for the nonpartisan candidates and thinking that there weren’t any partisan candidates.”

She explained the process of voter registration in Oregon:

“We have an automatic voter registration system that automatically marks people as nonaffiliated, we then send them a letter with a returnable postcard asking if they want to opt out or declare a party, if they don’t return that or change their party online or on our paper forms, then they remain non-affiliated. I don’t know if that is what is happening, but it might be in some cases.”

Chiapella said it was not just Republicans complaining:

“We have gotten a few requests to look into what might have happened with some individuals and their party registrations. We haven’t found any improper changes though. It is fair to say that we get a handful of these complaints every two years during a primary and none have ever shown evidence that the political party was fraudulently changed. We have looked into cases that involve members of both major parties.”

It is disconcerting that “fact checkers” go to government authorities yet make no effort to reach out to the now THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who made the initial claims.

The Lead Stories article further explains:

Gateway Pundit noted that the “confusion” in the situation may lie with the way the DMV registers voters.

According to the secretary of state’s website, the voter registration law changed in January 2016 and the new system is explained here:

“Under the old system, most Oregonians needed to take a separate step to register to vote at the DMV after obtaining or renewing their driver license. This law makes voter registration automatic, shifting from an opt-in process to an opt-out process. It eliminates the need to fill out the voter registration card for those with qualifying interactions at the DMV. Instead, eligible Oregonians will receive a mailing from the Oregon Elections Division explaining their options for registering to vote.”

There is a second step that needs to be taken to be registered to vote in a specific party, according to the secretary of state’s website:

“Will I be automatically registered to a political party?
No. The default is that you will be registered as a nonaffiliated voter (not a member of a political party). The Oregon Motor Voter notification (OMV Card) you receive in the mail will give you the option of affiliating with a party.”

So Oregon government officials continue to scapegoat the DMV.

Well if the DMV process is that confusing and resulting in this many people receiving what they think is the wrong ballot, shouldn’t that system of automatically registering people be called into question and modified?

Except there’s just one problem for the government apologists and DMV scapegoaters; Many of these people whose registration was changed hadn’t visited the DMV in years. Many of those who had visited the DMV never received this mysterious postcard they were allegedly supposed to fill out and send back in. I, this author writing this story, personally changed my address with the Oregon DMV earlier this year, and I received the normal updated voter registration card with my correct party on it, and they didn’t ask for anything to be filled out and sent back. I received the correct ballot.

While our initial article used screencaptures from the My Party Was Changed Oregon facebook group, here are several more screen captures from people who received the wrong ballot and hadn’t been to the DMV in quite some time. Others attempted to change their party to the correct party using the Secretary Of State’s online service, only to find out a few days later that they had been switched back again to non affiliated or some other party. Some received the wrong party ballot in contrary to what the Secretary Of State shows their registration as. Still another is a legal immigrant, but not yet a citizen, can’t legally vote, told the DMV he can’t legally vote, yet still received a ballot.

The Facebook group was only started last week and as of this writing has 1664 members.

To Facebook, their “fact checkers,” and Oregon state officials, these people apparently don’t exist, and hundreds of people are just making up crazy stories out of thin air. Note that we have redacted personal identifiers for these screenshots, sans for Mike Nearman, who is an elected state representative looking into the matter.

Here is the legal immigrant, but non citizen:

Here are the people who haven’t been the DMV lately (click on any images to enlarge):

Note this one whose son is in the Army and mysteriously had his registration switched:

And here are people who have tried to switch their registration back to whatever they wanted it:

And just for good measure, here are a few more stories:

This last guy here received two different ballots, filled out the right one, turned it in, but it was never counted.Can you imagine the outrage from the left if this were happening to inner city people of color who were trying to vote?

They would be screaming voter suppression at every turn.

This voter scandal is outrageous.

But what is more outrageous is that the government is ordering Facebook to silence their critics!


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