APRIL FOOLS: China Coronavirus Insanity by the Numbers – Data Makes No Sense as Entire Industries and Millions of Lives Are Destroyed

It’s April Fools Day so it is fitting to dissect the numbers related to efforts to contain the China Coronavirus and the numbers on this day are a horrible joke.

As efforts to contain the virus continue in earnest, entire industries are destroyed.

It appears that no one is concerned about our future.

As of this morning, here is the picture of the number of cases logged around the world with the countries with the most confirmed cases in order:

Based on what we know, here are some numbers that are perfect for April Fools Day:

7.794 Billion – the number of people on this planet who are all in a panic and fearful of catching the China coronavirus.

872,893 – the number of individuals around the world who reportedly have been confirmed as contracting the coronavirus.

.01% – the percent of the world population that has contracted the China coronavirus

188,592 – the number of confirmed cases in the US

7,251 – the number of recovered cases in the US – clearly this number is not being maintained because it is way below that of other countries

2.2% – the percent of deaths per confirmed cases in the US which is way below the average for the world at 5%.  This is no doubt due to President Trump’s travel ban on China early on and perhaps the impact of the US beginning to use Chloroquine to treat the virus after the President fast tracked it through the medical bureaucracy.

81,554 – the total number of reported confirmed cases coming out of China, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, since sometime last year – we really don’t know when this all started but believe it started in Wuhan.

14,108 – the number of confirmed cases China reported on February 12, 2020.  They have never reported any numbers close since or before this date.  (But the WHO and many medical enterprises are willing to use China’s data on the coronavirus?)

40 – the number of days since China reported more than 75,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.  Since February 20, China has only reported an additional 6,000 cases in a miraculous turn of events (satire).

4.1% – the percent of confirmed cases in Sweden that ended in fatalities which is less than the overall average of 4.9% even though Sweden decided to keep their industries open and allow the coronavirus to run its course.

4,056 – the number of deaths in the the US related to the coronavirus (smaller number used below due to timing).

24,000 – the estimated number of deaths in the US related to the flu during this flu season.

10% – the percent of deaths from the flu as a percent of confirmed flu cases via the CDC (note much higher than the coronavirus)

39,000,000 – the number of estimated individuals in the US who contracted the flu this flu season.

0 – the number of estimated coronavirus cases in the US who contracted the coronavirus but who have not been included in the coronavirus numbers.  In the initial reports coming from the Director General of the WHO when comparing the coronavirus fatality rate (3.4%) to the flu (.1%).  This comparison caused world panic and there have been no repercussions as a result even though the world economy has been destroyed as a result.

113 – the number of deaths from the flu in Hong Kong.

4 – the number of deaths from the China coronavirus in Hong Kong. (Sadly this is consistent around the world but governments have shut down all commerce due to the China coronavirus and not the flu?)

1 – the number of terrorists in the position of Director General running the World Health Organization (WHO).  Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is reportedly a ranking member of a known terrorist organization in Ethiopia and he’s also a China puppet.  (But of course the world uses the data from the WHO related to the China coronavirus as gospel.)

2 – the number of top government bureaucrats who are consulting President Trump but whose connections to the Clintons and Obama indicate conflicted alliances – doctors Fauci and Birx These two consistently have overstated the number of individuals who face certain death from the coronavirus and appear to be on a mission to instigate fear and panic more than anything else.

Thousands – the number of planes sitting on airport runways not flying due to lack of travel due to coronavirus policies.

Millions – the number of individuals who have been terminated, have lost their businesses, have filed for unemployment, who sit at night wondering where they will get their next meal or job as a result of coronavirus panic.

Millionsthe number of individuals in third world countries around the world who are starving due to lack of work and the inability to earn money to obtain food to eat due to the local governments shutting down all local commerce.

Millions – the number of individuals around the world who will likely starve to death as a result of coronavirus policies worldwide and their impact on commerce.

Trillions – the number of business dollars lost as a result of policies to shut down world commerce as a result of the coronavirus panic.

The China coronavirus is the worst April Fools joke ever – it is devastating and evil.

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