Biden and Warren Both Pick Up ZERO Delegates in New Hampshire

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren both failed to pick up any delegates during the New Hampshire primary.

Both candidates were seen as darlings of the Democrat establishment.

Senator Bernie Sanders picked up the most delegates, followed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

The Hill reports that Warren and Biden combined did not even pick up as many votes as third place finisher Amy Klobuchar. Warren, who came in fourth, beat Biden by less than 1%.

“Sanders won on the strength of his leads in New Hampshire’s largest cities. He led his chief rivals in Manchester by more than 2,000 votes and in Concord and Nashua by 500 votes each. Buttigieg performed best in communities south of Manchester, in Boston sleeper suburbs and in college towns such as Hanover, home of Dartmouth College,” the Hill report noted.

Biden was once thought to be the favorite for the nomination, but placed fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire.

Following his stunning defeat, Biden picked up and left New Hampshire without giving a speech at his planned campaign event in Nashua. He is now heading to South Carolina, which will likely determine his fate in the race ahead of Super Tuesday.


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