WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Mexico is Paying For Trump’s Wall

US President Donald Trump inspects border wall prototypes in San Diego, California on March 13, 2018.

By Wayne Allyn Root

President Trump has done it again. He just keeps winning. He just keeps proving “the Trump Doctrine” works magnificently.

Don’t look now, but Trump has even built his wall- and Mexico is paying for it. More on the new “Trump Wall” in a minute.

But first, I want to explain how and why Trump is winning like no president in history. Even UFC legend Connor McGregor just called President Trump “the G.O.A.T.”- as in “the greatest of all time.”

It’s all because of the “Trump Doctrine.” This doctrine is a mixture of Trump’s unique business acumen and negotiating skills. No other politician in the world has this combination of traits.

Like Connor McGregor, Americans can see Trump is accomplishing things. He is getting tangible results. He’s moving the country in the right direction. He is #WINNING.

First, the economy. Trump’s unique business acumen has created not only an economic miracle, but a true “goldilocks economy.” It’s perfect. It’s just right.

Trump knows jobs. We got millions of jobs. He knows how to get things moving. We got a dramatic bump in economic growth. He focuses with laser-like intensity on the middle class. We’re enjoying dramatic middle-class wage growth. He understands stocks. We got one of the great stock markets of all time. Yet there’s no inflation. This is the perfect economy.

Second, Trump understands “the Art of the Deal.” Actually, he wrote the book. He knows how to negotiate to win. America is the economic engine of the world. We are the number one consumer in the world. Every country in the world needs us, more than we need them. Without our consumers, the world is out of business.

So, Trump understands America is in the driver’s seat. We are in perfect position to make demands. The rest of the world has no choice but to blink. Under Trump, we are no longer the world’s doormat.

We won with China. Trump brought them to their knees. He tanked their economy. China came back to the table and capitulated. It was a massive victory for the US economy, small business, manufacturers, farmers, energy companies and American jobs.

We won with Iran. Iran only responds to strength. Trump flexed America’s muscle. Not only did Iran cave like a paper tiger, but the Iranian people were emboldened. Trump inspired them to rise up against their evil leaders. Iranian protestors days ago refused to step on an American flag. Trump’s strength has changed the world.

Now we get to Mexico. Illegal immigrant crossings nationwide are down almost 80%. At the Arizona-Mexico border illegal crossings are down by 94%. Once overcrowded dorms, where we house illegal border crossers, are now empty. And Mexico is keeping illegals who demand asylum on their side of the border. No one is getting into “fortress America,” anymore. It’s another huge Trump victory.

How did he do it? Trump won a masterful negotiation with Mexico. Trump understood Mexico needs us, far more than we need them. We can make their economy crumble in a nanosecond. Mexico blinked, just like China and Iran.

Faced with tariffs and economic ruin, Mexico agreed to place thousands of their troops, at their expense, at both our Northern border and their Southern border with Central Mexico. Suddenly, no one can get through.

A Mexican journalist just named this human wall of Mexican troops, “Trump’s Wall.”

So, in fact, Trump has built the wall, a human wall. And Mexico is paying for it. Bravo.

Past politicians let the world step all over America and American workers. Those days are gone. There’s a new sheriff in town. He’s a businessman who understands we are the greatest nation in world history, ever blessed by God. And we are in a position of strength to make demands and win negotiations with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

That’s the real “Trump Doctrine.” #WINNING

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of “The Wayne Allyn Root Show” on Newsmax TV, nightly at 8 PM ET, found on DirecTV Ch #349, or Dish TV Ch #216, at http://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/The-Wayne-Allyn-Root-Show He is also a nationally syndicated radio host of “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” found at http://usaradio.com/wayne-allyn-root/


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