Violent Antifa Group ‘Refuse Fascism’ Plans “Disruptions” At Upcoming Trump Rally in Hershey, PA

Several alt-left groups from around the state of Pennsylvania are promising to stage “disruptions” at President Donald Trump’s rally in Hershey, PA later this month on December, 10th.

The rallies are being organized by Sam Fullam, who identifies herself as an advisor to Central Pennsylvania congressional candidate (PA-10) and former State Auditor Eugene DePasquale, and who also serves on the Hallam City Council in York, PA.

Fullam is listed as the event organizer on both the Facebook event page and Eventbrite listing promoting the protests.

Refuse Fascism Philly, a known Antifa group that supports the use of violence against their political enemies, has signed on to help Fullam promote and facilitate the protests according to several Facebook posts made on the organization’s page.

Refuse Fascism has a long history of violent attacks on supporters of President Trump and his America First agenda, gaining international headlines in 2017 for burning UC Berkeley buildings after the Berkeley College Republicans had invited controversial provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus. Several people were assaulted and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage resulted. A full-scale riot reminiscent of a third-world country, not the United States of America, ensued. Refuse Fascism would go on to brag about these violent tactics on their website, which you can read here.

It was later revealed that Refuse Fascism received funding from a Soros funded group ahead of the riot, according to a report from The Daily Caller in 2017.

Since then, Refuse Fascism has led protests across the nation calling for the end to Donald Trump’s presidency, often resulting in violent clashes with Trump supporters. Recently, they were the main organizers of a demonstration protesting Ann Coulter’s speech at UC Berkeley, the site of Refuse Fascism’s infamous 2017 riot. Again, Antifa brutally assaulted several attendees and were apprehended by police.

Thousands of Unhinged Protesters Surround Ann Coulter’s Speech at UC Berkeley, Assault Attendees, Several Masked Antifa Arrested

Sam Fullam, who is collaborating with Refuse Fascism to protest Trump’s rally in Hershey, PA, refused to denounce the group and their history of political violence when this reporter attempted to reach her via phone and email.

Eugene DePasquale’s campaign also refused to denounce the group or provide comment.

Given the fact that Refuse Fascism Philly is mobilizing to cause “disruptions” at President Trump’s rally, the Trump campaign and local law enforcement would be wise to increase security. They should also closely monitor social media activity related to the rally in order to isolate any direct threats of violence made by Fullam’s organizers or attendees.

Enrique Tarrio, the Chairman of the Proud Boys, told TGP that he will be working with several state chapters in the Midwest and Northeast to make sure rallygoers are not harassed or assaulted by Antifa groups like Refuse Fascism.

“We will not tolerate any disruptions or harassment of any kind. We are already coordinating with law enforcement and will turn over any information we obtain about their plans to disrupt the rally. The Proud Boys have a long history of protecting conservative speakers and members of the Trump movement against violent Antifa groups like Refuse Fascism. They are domestic terrorists and we are glad that the Trump administration is working to officially designate them as so,” Tarrio explained. He is running for congress in Florida and plans on traveling to Pennsylvania to attend the rally.

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